Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch Innovation Evaluation Model and the Development of Science and Technology Enterprises

Xiaohai Press:In 2021, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank issued 135 million yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loans. Its loan scale and risk control level were in the top three in the city. Essence Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch Innovation establishes a "investment -type" credit mechanism. Together with the market promotion center, the municipal guarantee center and other relevant departments to launch the "Loan Loan" product plan, focus on service science and technology enterprises, strengthen science and technology finance, to strengthen science and technology finance, in order to strengthen science and technology finance. Enterprises formulate differentiated full life cycle financial service solutions to help the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

In order to support the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and the innovation and entrepreneurship of enterprises, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank established the head office Science andong Center and Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch. Adhering to the concept of "science and technology and more science and technology", based on Zhangjiang and radiating the city, actively connect the Yangtze River Delta and at home and abroad, focusing on integrated circuits, biomedicine (including medical equipment), artificial intelligence, high -end equipment, new energy and other strategies Emerging industries have established a professional team of science and technology and financial services to establish and improve the technology finance ecosystem of the investment -type credit mechanism, professional talent team, and innovation mechanism as the core to provide all types of science and technology enterprises with full life cycle financial services.

Innovative evaluation mode

Pay attention to the growth of startups

According to the characteristics of technology -based enterprises, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank of China Innovatively established a "investment -type" credit mechanism, breaking the practice of "seeing the past" and "heavy mortgage" of traditional credit, focusing on "seeing the future" and "heavy growth", focusing on its growth Sexual and future value; the evaluation weight of traditional financial indicators in risk control and review models, and pays more attention to the review and evaluation of non -financial factors such as actual controller and core teams, research and development capabilities, business models, and equity financing capabilities.

Since 2019, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch has worked closely with the Pudong New Area Science and Technology Innovation Center to support Pudong New District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, connects more than 2,000 incubators in 17 incubators, set up two young commando teams to carry out park preaching and customer survey in multiple channels. Essence

According to the characteristics of high -quality participating companies in the early stage of development, small operating scale but have certain development potential, in 2019, the branch of the branch in accordance with the "Shanghai Entrepreneurship Guarantee Loan Implementation Measures" in time to launch the "Sailing Loan" product plan in a timely manner to promote the center in the city to promote the center to promote the center. On the basis of the relevant requirements of the Municipal guarantee center entrepreneurial guarantee loan and bank’s initial technology enterprise products, weaken the requirements of the establishment of the enterprise’s establishment and financial indicators, focus on considering elements such as enterprise innovation capabilities, development prospects, and driving their willingness to employment. Enterprise scientific research and production operations.In September 2019, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch landed on the first entrepreneurial organization of entrepreneurial organizations in Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank.

2021 is the third year of Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch as a supporting unit for the Pudong New District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In September, 371 household innovation enterprises registered from more than 1700 households to participate in the Pudong Shuangchuang Contest. The creation service competition point is targeted to participate in the pre -competition counseling enterprise; the second is to recommend excellent enterprise cases through the creation service competition point to jointly participate in a series of promotion activities such as the actual controller interviews; The demand provides one -to -one door -to -door service in a timely manner; the fourth is to carry out docking activities such as incubation banking and enterprises such as innovation and entrepreneurship camps.

As of the end of December 2021, the branch has issued a total of 230 million yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loans to 120 households; in 2021, the branch issued 135 million yuan of entrepreneurial guarantee loans to 68 households, accounting for about 30% of the Pudong New District Entrepreneurship Guarantee Loan Project. Essence

Service science

Strong technology finance

After more than 10 years of development, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch has achieved certain results in service science and technology enterprises and strengthening technology and finance. As of the end of 2021, the scale of the scientific and technological enterprise loan of the branch and the number of customers, the scale of the loan of the science and technology -based SMEs and the number of customers have lived. The city’s seven science and technology franchise branches are also at the forefront of the industry in terms of science and technology finance innovation products.

In September 2020, the sub -branch landed on the city’s first single -entrepreneurial guarantee loan, the special product, "wing wing loan", and provided support for the high -quality participating enterprises of the "China Chuangyi" Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition.

In 2020, the branch combined with the double innovation competition to launch the product exploration of the first -type venture enterprise products.

In early 2021, the branch successfully issued the first "clinical loan" of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank.

In November 2021, the branch successfully put forward the city’s first "science and technology assistance loan".

Through continuous exploration and optimization, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank’s scientific and technological finance products covered the entire development process of technology companies from start -up, growth, and mature, and met the company’s special financing needs at different development stages. For the initial period of "sailing loan", "silver tax", "micro -loan", "science and technology talent loan", "science and technology help loan", etc., such as "science and technology loan", "performance loan", "high -enterprise loan" "Investment and loan linkage", "employees holding stock loans", etc., for the mature period of "Xinxin Loan", "M & A loan", "bond underwriting", "asset securitization" and so on.

At the same time, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch has continuously improved the professional ability of science and technology and finance and the financial capacity of the research, creating a team of experts and risk control managers. Research. Through industry customer map drawing and research on sub -project research in the industry segment, the financial service plan for differentiated life cycle is formulated.

On the occasion of the construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Center in Shanghai, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Sub -branch actively sought and created new development opportunities, planned a higher development pattern, and strived to create a science and technology finance ecosystem with Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank as its core, becoming the characteristics of science and technology finance and comprehensive integration. Services ahead of the same industry and create value for technology -based enterprises.

Technology finance

Grow up

Business Contact: Manager Shen

Worry! Four people in Shanghai became ill, 1 person rescued unique, and 5 were walking by waves.

According to the emergency administrative news of Shanghai Fengxian District, 14:01, July 22, 2021, Shanghai Public Security Fengxian Branch picked up the people’s 110 alarm to seek help. When they were at the maritime tour of Hangzhou Bay Bay Bay, his one The companion was rescued by the wave. losing contact. After receiving the police, Fengxian public security, emergency situation, fire, sea, sea police, police, etc. Relevant departments rushed to the incident for joint search and rescue. At present, five people are still missing, and search and rescue work is still in progress.
According to a preliminary investigation, the incident is 0801 × 3 + 300 in the sea area of ??Hangzhou Bay Hailing Pile. The sea is a natural and wide waters.
The value of time is full of summer and typhoon season, and I hope that the public will cherish life. Improve self -safety awareness, do not enter the open waters.
According to Guangming. COM, every summer is a high release of drowning accidents, hidden safety hazards devour their lives in life. The data of diseases and diseases, diseases, diseases, diseases, diseases, diseases and diseases and diseases and diseases and diseases and diseases and diseases.
According to data from the China Diseases and Diseases and Diseases and Diseases, the first killer of the death of accidents caused by primary and secondary school students. Every year, you are dying, and more than 80 % are open. The first step to prevent the danger of summer disasters, that is, I must tell the child again. Parents or adults are not accompanied. Never swim in private, especially in the wild waters in the wild. Compared with friends, it must be accompanied by adults to swimming pools or water parks.
Also, children’s drowning far exceeds the river, ponds, reservoirs, and so on. China’s CDC announced the high -risk land of children in different ages. Among them, 1 and 4 -year -old children are mainly trash cans, bathtubs and indoor water bottles; children aged 5 to 9 are water channels, ponds and reservoirs; children with more than 10 children are ponds, rivers and lakes. The drowning is not in the water, and the water is very deep. As long as the child is planted, he went to the water. Or the water surface is over -nose, which may lead to drowning risk.
Here, experts emphasize that this is an accidental drowning activity of a young man. Small partners must first find nearby adults to seek help. Help the rescue branches and other tools, ropes, who have no guys to handle water rescue and bring themselves to danger.

Central Push Technology Corporation settled in Chongqing Xian Tao big data valley "Central _ Traditional Travel" to promote smart tourism

In order to promote the comprehensive development of smart tourism, accelerate the construction of the national tourism data platform, fully guidance and Chongqing Economic and Information Commission "support, Central Push Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., 2021, China Tourism Association At the time of Chongqing Xiantao International Task, it was officially listed.

At the beginning of the establishment of Central Push Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., it will focus on "Central" project, "Central" refers to the company’s integrated technology as the core of the tourism industry, the promotion of tourism industry Sexual tour live broadcast platform. The introduction of the project will make a positive contribution to the construction of national tourism data platform.

The "Central Travel Broadcast" project will set up provincial marketing centers in all provinces in all provinces, and the comprehensive advantages such as the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, etc. Specialization, information, intelligent service. With the support of the China Tourism Association and the support of the local text journey, "Central News" strive to become the most authoritative, most professional and most market influence in China’s live broadcast vertical field by 3 to 5 years. .

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Many people are changing Apple original batteries, then which manufacturers are produced by the original battery?

Some people say that Huawei mobile phone has no technical content, because Huawei mobile phone parts are purchased, so Huawei mobile phone is an assembled mobile phone. If this logic is followed, Apple phones are also assembled because the parts of Apple phones are also purchased.

If you look at Huawei and Apple this, then this is a bit shallow. As we all know, Apple and Huawei have their own mobile phone chips, but these two mobile phone manufacturers have no production capacity, as long as designing the ability of chips. Even so, no one will think that the A series of chips, the unicorn chip is not apple, Huawei.

Through the class ratio of the chip, we can draw a conclusion, that is: Apple’s original battery is Apple, not a vendor’s proposal. In other words, Apple’s battery and chip are the same, Apple is responsible for designing, battery manufacturers are responsible for substitute, and produced batteries are collectively referred to as ‘Apple Battery’. So what kind of battery manufacturers gave Apple’s workshop?

The A series of chips are unified by Apple, because of the capacity, Apple will find Taiwan Power, Samsung Operation. The A-series chips produced by these two companies can be used normally, and unified standards.

Like A Series chips, Apple has also developed Apple batteries, unified implementation of GB / T 18287-2000 standard. Therefore, the battery produced by Apple’s foundry is not essential, and it can be considered an Apple battery.

I have to say that Apple has mastered the core technology, through the battery design, putting the commercial use of the battery in hand. The battery is not difficult, and many people can be found worldwide. Because of this, Apple’s battery has become a business order that many battery manufacturers strive to be afraid, and this is the bottom gas of Apple’s heavy mobile phone market.

Apple mobile phone shipments have a vision, and 2 in 2021 will not be a problem. Even in 5 years ago, Apple’s ship’s shipments have exceeded 100 million sets. As the average unit price, the company’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, Apple’s partial profits are also the most expensive. Because of this, there are many battery manufacturers who are willing to produce batteries for Apple. Early, Sony, Samsung, Le Jinhua, Dongguan New Energy is Apple Mobile Optional Battery.

First, Sony is the masterpiece of the manufacturing industry, and the Sony mobile phone is also the existence of Sony mobile phone in the mobile phone market. However, Sony has strong strength in parts processing, cameras, sensors, and precision machining, so Sony is also a generous thing to give Apple mobile phone.

Second, the strength of Samsung Electronics does not have to be said, the only company in the world can produce mobile phones independently. From chips, motherboards, screens, sensors, cameras, batteries, etc., Samsung Electronics can be produced. Therefore, Samsung gives the Apple mobile phone, which is an extremely easy thing.

Third, in 2003, LG invested in China in my country. This company is engaged in the production and development and production of batteries, and the production of cutting-edge electronic materials. LG has far-reaching influence in the world, and Lejin chemistry can produce batteries to Apple mobile phones. This is also a more easy thing.

Fourth, Dongguan New Energy is a company dedicated to battery cells, packages, and system integration. In the field of battery, Dongguan’s new energy has great influence.

It is not difficult to see that these four companies are leaders in the battery. In particular, Lejin Chemistry and New Energy in Dongguan. These two companies are professional research and development, manufacturers who produce batteries. The so-called: Sheriff has a success, the operation is specialized, and it is justified in these two companies.

With the increase in the shipments of Apple mobile phones, Apple’s battery generations have become more and more, such as Shunda, New World, Germany, and Xinwangda and other manufacturers have successively become Apple mobile phone.

However, these manufacturers and Samsung, Sony, and Lejin chemistry have essential differences, because these three companies can produce battery cells independently, while Shunda, Germany, Xinwangda, etc. can only purchase battery, packaged, package Can produce an Apple mobile phone battery.

Through a series of competition, the batteries produced by Germany and Xinwangda are more in line with the needs of Apple. Since then, Apple mobile phone batteries are mainly produced by these two companies.

First, Desai Battery was established in 1983. After more than 30 years of development, Desai batteries have become a battery that sets a lithium battery, zinc air battery, lithium polymer battery, fuel cell, and other kinds of batteries, battery materials. supplier. It is not exaggerated, and the battery that can be seen on the market can be produced and can be completed independently.

Second, Xinwangda was established in 1997 and is a leading lithium-ion battery module solution and product provider. Although Xinwang’s business has no extensive business, Xinwangda focuses on a horse in a lithium-ion battery, is a strong battery supplier in China, and a global battery.

Whether it is Lejin Chemistry, Dongguan New Energy, or Germany, Xinwang, facing Apple, they can’t be alone. Why is this so? Because Apple is not afraid of them, these battery manufacturers rely on Apple’s orders.

It can be seen that only master core competitiveness and core productivity can be able to overport. What is the core competitiveness? Such as Taiwan Power, Samsung’s chip solution strength, only these two mobile phone chips can be produced worldwide. What is the core productivity? A large-scale enterprise such as Apple can design the battery module to give this design to any battery manufacturer can workene.

So TSMC, Samsung is a company that masters core competitiveness. Strong Apple does not dare to despise them. Work hard, domestic electronics manufacturers, the road you have to go is still far away.

Models often used by operators (3): Ability model

Pyramid principle

The pyramid principle follows four basic principles for work summary.

1. Conclusion: Express a central idea and placed in the forefront.

2, the above is unified: Each argument is summarized in the next level argument.

3, classification group: Every group is the same logical category.

4, logic progress: Each group is arranged in a certain logic order.

3W gold circle rule

Thinking mode is in the outermost layer, know what "what" you have to do, but rarely think about how to do it better.

People in the middle layer know how to "How" do better completion of tasks and goals, but rarely think about the reason for this.

Only people in the top circle are clear why "Why" do this. Why is the core nature of this matter, others are all around this center.

PDCA cycle

The meaning of the PDCA cycle is to divide quality management into four stages, namely:

P: Program (Plan) includes the determination of the principles and objectives, as well as the development of activity planning.

D: Execute (DO) to design specific action plans according to known information; then perform specific actions according to the plan.

C: Check (Check) summary results, clear results, find out the problem.

A: Processing (ACT) processes the results and problems of the inspection, and there is no solution to the next PDCA loop.

Kiss restraint

KISS is not a English word, but a scientific project replica method to promote the next activity to be better launched.

Keep (can be maintained): The reap-on activity is good, follow-up activities can continue to maintain.

Improve (requires improved): What links / factors lead to unsatisfactory activities, and it is necessary to improve in subsequent activities.

START (requires start): Which links are not implemented in this event, and follow-up need to start doing.

STOP (need to stop): Which behavior is unfavorable to the activity and needs to stop.

The KISS principle refers to the principle of simplicity in design. Summarizing the experience in the design process, most systems should be kept simplicity and simple, without incorporating unnecessary complexity, such system operation results will be optimal; therefore, the simplicity should be designed The key target is to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Data analysis six-step method

Data analysis also requires certain skills, don’t indulge in the ocean of data, data is tool, we should use tools.

1. Propose a question: What is the first question of our solution?

2. Make a hypothesis: On this issue, what is our pre-hypothesis?

3. Data Acquisition: According to this assumption, start collecting data.

4, data processing: machining the collected raw data, including cleaning, packet, retrieval, extraction, etc. of data.

5. Data analysis: After the data is finished, the data needs to be integrated and cross-analyzed.

6. The result is presented: visual data, and the specific concluding information is obtained.

SMART principle

Everyone has the experience of developing goals, it seems simple, but if it is rising to the technology level, you must learn and master the SMART principle.

The goal must be specifically (Specific) and cannot be generally available.

The goal must be measurable, which is quantified.

The goal must be achieved (ATTAINABLE), but it is not much low.

The goal must be associated with other goals (Relevant), forming ductility, and ultimately achieving higher objectives.

The target must have a clear deadline, reached within a specified time, and finally determine whether the target is achieved with the deadline.

SCQA model

The SCQA model is a "structured expression" tool, which is made in the McKinsey Consultant Barbara.

S (Situation) scenario– Introduced by the scenarios familiar with everyone.

CMPLICATION conflict– The actual situation is often conflict with our requirements.

A (ANSWER) answer– Our solution is …

Postscript: The model is just a model, the theory is just theory. These can only become tools for us to use, but they cannot be a shackle that constrains our thinking. This time the theoretical model is just the first version, and we will also increase these commonly used theoretical models, and even some theoretical models will be explained alone.

Remarks: Some images come from the network, and the data is mainly collected in Wikipedia.

A friend circle makes photos into the software!

How to quickly produce a lot of photos from a friend circle for 15 seconds? useLove hatThe operation is very simple!

Open the software and pop up"New"Dialog, in"videosize"In the drop-down list, select the required resolution. then click"Add video"Button, in the pop-up file selection box, select the shady or white-curtain video of the software, as a carrier of the photo.

"Superimposed materials"Tab, switch to the left"Post-picture"Column. First, in the preview box, position the time schedule to add a photo, thenDouble clickThe video preview box, in the "Select Map" dialog box that pops up, select the photos you need to add, or click"Add a map to the list"Import more local photos.

After adding photos, set photosLast timewithSpecial effects, Adjust the size of the photo by editing the box, then disappears at the photo, add the next photo.

PS: If you want the photo after the special effects, stay for a longer, just select the photo, pass"Ctrl + C"Copy it, then disappear at special effects, pass"Ctrl + V"Paste photos, modify the photo effect is the default no effect, and set the photo to stay.

The choice of music is consistent with the photo style in style, and the video will feel more.

Switch to"Audio"Panel, click"Add Audio"Button, chooseAdd Background MusicIn the pop-up selection box, select the audio file, click "Open", enter"Preview/InterceptDialog, intercept the required audio clip.

If you want the photo to switch on the music drum position, then after adding audio, use"Ctrl + E"Open"Innovative Timeline"Panel, in the time axis panel"Please choose the added audio"In the drop-down box, select the waveform diagram of opening music. By observing the drum of music in the audio waveform map, the audio step is performed, and the continuous time of the photo is adjusted.

pass through"Subtitle Special Effect"Function, add text content for photo video.

First, in the video preview box, position the time schedule to the subtitle, thenDouble clickThe preview box enters text content in the pop-up dialog box. After adding the following, select the favorite font, and the appearance of the subtitle, the appearance of the subtitles, the appearance of the subtitles, and make the subtitles appear to be beautiful and full of personality.

China PC Market Ranking: Lenovo 1, 40% share, Huawei, Xiaomi has not advanced 5

No matter how everyone looks in Lenovo, Tucao, it is recognized, but in the PC field, Lenovo really has no opponent. Since 2018, it is already the first round of the world in three consecutive years. And from the market share of Lenovo, the advantages of HP and Dell seem more, the proportional gap is even greater.

As shown in the figure below, this is the global PC market share in the third quarter. Lenovo will take the world’s first in 23.9%, then HP, Dell, Apple.

And outside the global market, CANALYS has also released the China PC market research report in the third quarter of 2021. We found that Lenovo once again became the king. The share of the Chinese market has been as high as 40%, which is equivalent to each 10 computers. Among them, there are four Lenovo brands, more than the 2nd to 5th.

As shown in the figure below, Lenovo sales is 6 million units, 40% share, increased by 2 percentage points from the same period last year, and sales increased by 8% year-on-year.

Dell, HP, AUSU, ACER rank second to fourth place, but the share is too far away, 13%, 10%, 7%, 4%, respectively. The four manufacturers totaled 34%, but more than Lenovo.

As for those emerging computer brands, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, glory these, because sales are too low, they can’t enter the top 5, so they have not played.

In fact, why is it so strong? On the one hand, from high-end business, the ThinkPad system is still no opponent, and its quality has been deeply rooted.

In addition to thinkpad, Lenovo also has a lot of new, savers, Yoga, Thinkbook, etc., covering high, medium and low target groups.

And we see a series of Yoga, a small new, saverier, which has really launched a lot of high cost-effective products in the past few years, which is why Lenovo market grows.

Although everyone said that the computer is assembled, there is no technical content, but the association has been assembled for so many years, how many more experiences are more experience than other brands, and then equipped on the line channels, after-sales, etc., in China’s sales first is also normal.

120W fast charge, Snapdragon 888, 12 + 256GB, Vivo flagship has dropped 1300, serving the new machine

2021 has been close to the end, in December, there will be the first listing of the new Snapdragon 8GX Gen1, Tianzhu 9000 chip smartphone, and after each mobile phone brand will release the new flagship, the old flagship has also reached the way.

Snapdragon 888 has been never honest this year because of fever this year, and the flagship mobile phone equipped with the Snapdragon 888 is also dragged down, sales is general, the price is diving. Even for this flagship, there are many advantages, such as Vivo flagship iqoo 7.

IQOO 7 is not much, compared to iQOO NEO5 gap, iQOO 7 is significantly higher, and now the price is more close to iQOO NEO5.12 + 256GB configuration, pricing 4198, now drop to 2899, 1. IQOO NEO5, priced 2999, is now reduced to 2399. The price gap between the two phones, from the initial 1200, turned today 500.

The configuration advantage of iQOO 7 is very big. First, the Snapdragon 888 is not easy to use, but the cost is higher than the Snapdragon 870. Second, the screen of Iqoo 7 is much better, 120Hz refresh rate supports intelligent variation, and has a 1000 Hz touch sampling rate. Then, iQOO 7 has 120W fast charge, 15 minutes can be full.

Furthermore, iQOO 7 camera is stronger, Sony IMX598 main photo, plus two 13 million pixels, there is telephoto, super wide angle, no sign. In addition, IQOO 7 also has independent HIFI chips, VIVO flagship tradition "art" has not been lost.

Considering the perspective of hardware parameters, iQOO 7 has a high cost. However, the actual experience of the Snapdragon 888 is not as good as the Snapdragon 870, and it is close to the new Snapdragon 8GX Gen1 conference. Whether it is worth it. If the Snapdragon 8GX Gen1 is still "Fire Dragon", then it is not lost (manual dog head).

Nervous, exciting, wonderful, around Gaofang 8Gen 1 millet is too deep

The topics in the industry in recent time are around Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1, especially those who can have the global debate. On December 1, accompanied the official release of the new generation Qualcomm Snapdron 8 Series Mobile platform, all suspense was announced.

Integrated into main melody

About Qualcomm 8Gen 1 The parameters of 8Gen 1 have not been speaking, after all, ordinary people don’t understand. And now there is no commercial machine, the real performance is not known. Everyone only needs to know that this generation is far from the CPU or GPU, and it is not the Snapdragon 888 series in power consumption and fever.

Xiaomi 12 Global first no suspense

There is a detail, and the Lei Jun is the guests of the first speech. At the end of the speech, the last public announced that Xiaomi 12 will start the world Qualcomm 8Gen 1 series. Of course, everyone also saw that Lenovo was also grabbed this first, and a trick came out. But everyone wants to understand that Xiaomi dares to be in the Snapdragon Technology Summit, which is the world’s first, this is the true start of Qualcomm. In fact, it is true that there is no real meaning, and it can be purchased. From now on, Xiaomi 12 has completed the production capacity climbing stage, and the first batch of deposited deposits can be described in terror.

A new generation of troubled dragon masters: millet 12

In 2021, the Gao Tonglong 888 series of reputation is really not good, it is caused by the problem of the process. Because of this existence, everyone is worried about the power consumption of Qualcomm 8Gen 1, how to heat the heat control, etc. In the face of this high-pass response is that the previous generation does not matter.

But everyone should understand the official response and brand optimization is two questions, and Xiaomi has a satisfactory achievement in the camera, optimized, and heat dissipation in recent years. Therefore, when the Lei Jun announced, the netizen said that Xiaomi 12 is definitely a new generation of troubled dragon, as for this model, there is currently no accurate information. However, it is certain that Xiaomi 12 should be the only one that can be bought before the Spring Festival, and it is very busy to build a smartphone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1 platform.