A friend circle makes photos into the software!

How to quickly produce a lot of photos from a friend circle for 15 seconds? useLove hatThe operation is very simple!

Open the software and pop up"New"Dialog, in"videosize"In the drop-down list, select the required resolution. then click"Add video"Button, in the pop-up file selection box, select the shady or white-curtain video of the software, as a carrier of the photo.

"Superimposed materials"Tab, switch to the left"Post-picture"Column. First, in the preview box, position the time schedule to add a photo, thenDouble clickThe video preview box, in the "Select Map" dialog box that pops up, select the photos you need to add, or click"Add a map to the list"Import more local photos.

After adding photos, set photosLast timewithSpecial effects, Adjust the size of the photo by editing the box, then disappears at the photo, add the next photo.

PS: If you want the photo after the special effects, stay for a longer, just select the photo, pass"Ctrl + C"Copy it, then disappear at special effects, pass"Ctrl + V"Paste photos, modify the photo effect is the default no effect, and set the photo to stay.

The choice of music is consistent with the photo style in style, and the video will feel more.

Switch to"Audio"Panel, click"Add Audio"Button, chooseAdd Background MusicIn the pop-up selection box, select the audio file, click "Open", enter"Preview/InterceptDialog, intercept the required audio clip.

If you want the photo to switch on the music drum position, then after adding audio, use"Ctrl + E"Open"Innovative Timeline"Panel, in the time axis panel"Please choose the added audio"In the drop-down box, select the waveform diagram of opening music. By observing the drum of music in the audio waveform map, the audio step is performed, and the continuous time of the photo is adjusted.

pass through"Subtitle Special Effect"Function, add text content for photo video.

First, in the video preview box, position the time schedule to the subtitle, thenDouble clickThe preview box enters text content in the pop-up dialog box. After adding the following, select the favorite font, and the appearance of the subtitle, the appearance of the subtitles, the appearance of the subtitles, and make the subtitles appear to be beautiful and full of personality.

120W fast charge, Snapdragon 888, 12 + 256GB, Vivo flagship has dropped 1300, serving the new machine

2021 has been close to the end, in December, there will be the first listing of the new Snapdragon 8GX Gen1, Tianzhu 9000 chip smartphone, and after each mobile phone brand will release the new flagship, the old flagship has also reached the way.

Snapdragon 888 has been never honest this year because of fever this year, and the flagship mobile phone equipped with the Snapdragon 888 is also dragged down, sales is general, the price is diving. Even for this flagship, there are many advantages, such as Vivo flagship iqoo 7.

IQOO 7 is not much, compared to iQOO NEO5 gap, iQOO 7 is significantly higher, and now the price is more close to iQOO NEO5.12 + 256GB configuration, pricing 4198, now drop to 2899, 1. IQOO NEO5, priced 2999, is now reduced to 2399. The price gap between the two phones, from the initial 1200, turned today 500.

The configuration advantage of iQOO 7 is very big. First, the Snapdragon 888 is not easy to use, but the cost is higher than the Snapdragon 870. Second, the screen of Iqoo 7 is much better, 120Hz refresh rate supports intelligent variation, and has a 1000 Hz touch sampling rate. Then, iQOO 7 has 120W fast charge, 15 minutes can be full.

Furthermore, iQOO 7 camera is stronger, Sony IMX598 main photo, plus two 13 million pixels, there is telephoto, super wide angle, no sign. In addition, IQOO 7 also has independent HIFI chips, VIVO flagship tradition "art" has not been lost.

Considering the perspective of hardware parameters, iQOO 7 has a high cost. However, the actual experience of the Snapdragon 888 is not as good as the Snapdragon 870, and it is close to the new Snapdragon 8GX Gen1 conference. Whether it is worth it. If the Snapdragon 8GX Gen1 is still "Fire Dragon", then it is not lost (manual dog head).

Apple mobile phone sales ranked first domestic mobile phone encountered severe challenge

Since the unicorn series chip can not produce, Huawei mobile phone shipments are seriously affected, and the domestic mobile phone market is reshuffled. In many people, Xiaomi, glory, and OV will benefit Huawei’s market share. The fact that Apple quickly swallowed the market share of Huawei mobile phone.

The data of the market survey institution CINNO Research shows that in October, the domestic mobile phone sales rankings, Apple ranked first, OPPO and VIVO were ranked second and third. After the news came out, many netizens were shocked. How can Apple become a sales champion in the domestic mobile phone market?

Let’s take a look at a group of related data, and Apple mobile phone sales in October is 6.5 million units, an increase of 78% from the previous month, an increase of 155% year-on-year. Obviously, Apple mobile phone sales growth is strong. Although the data in November has not yet been released, considering the excellent performance of Apple during the Double 11, it is still very big.

The problem is coming, Apple’s mobile phone has nearly 6,000 yuan, why be a sales volume? In the opinion, Apple mobile phone sales growth increased rapidly, the root cause or price factors. Compared with domestic Android flagship phones, the price of Apple mobile phones is not high. Here, you may wish to make a contrast with the iPhone13 series.

As we all know, the price of iPhone13 mini entry is 5199 yuan, and the major e-commerce platforms have a discount of 200-300 yuan. In other words, less than 5,000 yuan can buy a newest Apple phone. Moreover, even the MINI version is also equipped with a15 chip, using the OLED screen, IOS system is also very smooth, and there is a rear 12 megapixel dual-test system, support 20W fast charge.

In terms of performance, the performance of the A15 chip is better than the Snapdragon 888 Plus. In addition to the difference between the battery, the signal is not very good, and the iPhone13 mini has almost no short board. Look at the Android flagship mobile phone, the mobile phone equipged by the Snapdragon 888 PLUS chip is about 5,000 yuan, and it is also entry version.

In fact, even if Apple mobile phone is more than a hundred dollars, many consumers will prefer the iPhone13 series. According to incomplete statistics, an apple phone can use 5 years or even longer, and an Android flagship mobile phone will basically appear in 3 years. Especially the Getting-pageant Android flagship, you will feel the carton with more than 2 years.

Try, the price is not big, Apple’s user experience is better, why consumers want to buy an Android flagship phone? There is no way to ignor, the iPhone13 series mobile phone creates an illusion of "addition sale". If the pricing of the previous generation, the iPhone13 is cheaper than the previous generation of 800 yuan. Because of this, many netizens think that the iPhone13 series mobile phone changes.

Of course, in addition to the Apple 13 series mobile phone, other generations of Apple mobile phones have also started price reduction promotions. As some netizens spit, iPhone12 is better than a lot of Snapdragon 888 flagship phones. In the case of the user experience, it is not difficult to understand the ADR flagship mobile phone.

For consumers, the price has hundreds of money affirm the preferred Apple. Moreover, in the flagship mobile phone market, Apple has no opponent, millet, glory and OV’s high-end mobile phone competitiveness is relatively weak, and Apple’s sales are also expected. It is certain that Apple mobile phone sales rankings, domestic mobile phones are encountering a serious challenge.

US judge ruling: Google must hand over documents related to the secret anti-craftsmanship

According to the GizModo website, report on December 1,A judge of the US National Labor Review Committee ordered Google, must hand over a series of documents related to a secret anti-craftsmanship in 2019. Since December 2020, this science and technology giant has been in legal disputes. At that time, the US Department of Labor accused Google’s illegal monitoring and retaliation of two workers who participated in the ILO. According to the 1935 National Labor Relations Law, such behavior was It is considered "protected activities". The US Ministry of Labor Review Committee has subsequently expanded to include the other three former employees, although Google has reached a reconciliation.

Image from: Google

These documents involve the strategy of cooperating with Google and IRI consultants. IRI Consulting Company is a "labor relationship" company, Google hires it to assist Google to reduce organizational activities within the company. Google has tried to hide these documents, claiming that these documents represent an officials assigned by the "Legal Confidential Communications" Tribunal, and found only 9 in 80 documents can be properly classified as privileged documents.

According to reports, these documents are not open to the public, but now they will now be handed over to the National Labor Review Committee, including "preparing for campaigns to employees, how employees carry out training materials against union movements in their management, Trade Union Information Transfer and Information Zoom Suggestions "and other materials.

Google has also reported that the company like IRI Consulting is known as a part of the company’s comprehensive file as part of its contract work, including a large amount of privacy, such as personality and emotional analysis. It is well known that companies like Amazon and Tesra have also adopted similar radical strategies.