Free white is termination! Tree also engage in VIP toll members, netizens: Is it too much to earn?

In today’s impetuous society, almost everyone will give time through brushing.

"Gourmet, intellectual science, tourist attraction guide, philosophical, beautiful little sister, handsome, funny paragraph, interesting short video, unconventional drama, etc." It blurred the user’s judgment, and the reaction came over, for a few hours, it may pass in the past half.

In this way, after a short happiness, it is easy to be anxious. Many people want to uninstall but be reluctant.

Always, on November 29th, the short dramatic payment fee is given, give you a reason to quit. Will you spend money to see video?

Shake, cut leeks, netizens are not willing

According to Tech Planet, the shake is testing the short play fees, the payment model of the trepidation short drama is similar to the fiction, it is paid according to the number, and each episode is 1 yuan, supports one-time payment unlock full drama. The short drama after payment can be repeated and there is no time limit.

Hot search of netizens have commented, most people are not willing to pay for the hanging short play. Some people have sent no nutrition dramas paying. It is also known that it is impossible to spend money, and there is no money.

In fact, the short drama in the shake is generally set up the amount of information in the long drama set, all released within two minutes, and there is no cost at all.

In the shake, there are very few partially made a well-known small short drama, and the remaining quality is really no more than other platforms. And now a lot of short play plots are similar, you imitate me, I imitate her. Basically, I know that one or two episodes know the end.

Moreover, short video cannot carry a richer content expression. A few minutes of drama, can’t show more complex character and deeper content. The meaning of the words, the short drama is superficial and straightforward.

A short drama of a piece of money is closed, and it is dozens of pieces. With this money, it is not more cost-effective to open another video platform.

Boycott, the trend of difficulty charging

I don’t know, is it for the previous income growth, stimulating the shake, temporal short video plan charge. This is also a second event of the byte in the video content after the Watermelon video launched a platform.

In addition, the shake is also a short dramatic column for the creator, and the exposure of the content is improved. The platform will be profitable through the video owner, and it will inevitably tend to tend to flow, and it is a good news for the creator.

It seems that the continuous short drama adds a paid form, but many netizens always feel weird, as if the short video he said will be the same.

Indeed, individuals also believe that the short play fee may be just a beginning, and it is a member stream.

The video website is the same as the stage of cultivating user chargers. According to this trend, there will be many paid mode, and the full station member is casual, according to the video host, according to the number of dramas, there is also a platform member free advertisement. This is a new business model, how to operate, or to see content.

The essence of the short drama is the goods, there is a market, and the short play is an inevitable trend.

For those who have limited patient, short video will first reduce the user’s consumption cost. You think, a short story of a second or 30 episode, you don’t like it, you don’t like it, just waste 2 minutes; if you like the words, it takes ten minutes.

The short play also refines the characteristics of the episode and simple, and densely impacts the fineness of the user’s part of the user. Revenge is a revenge, counterattack is counterce, not considering the peak back of the plot, or the character growth arc. This is the advantage of the short play.

Of course, paying the drama to ensure the quality of the short drama, can’t try it, it is very good, then the more perfunctory. How to make a member business after shaking, you have to look at the choice of your own quality.

Although the shake is going to cut the leeks, some netizens are not willing, but the Internet era, the shake traffic is too large, the short dramatic collection fee is able to kill a future.