PMP New Examline | "Case Analysis" five-step to break the obstacle encountered by the team

Case Analysis

Case analysis

Leadership – The Terminal Solving and Emphasizing the Obstacles

How to solve and eliminate the obstacles faced by the team?

Tang Heng

Former Huawei’s senior software engineer,

Now IT industry project manager

Has a year of IT industry project management experience

· Foreword ·


After years of work, I have done a lot of different projects in different companies. These companies include tens of thousands of people, such as Huawei, including small private enterprises having 10 people, and work in government institutions . In these different enterprises, they all form some experience of project management, and they still have a success, so they still have more confident.

However, with time, I gradually found a problem, that is, I always feel that my project management knowledge is not very systematic. Every time I have a project management knowledge, I will only pass only, and I have not brought it to the face. And deeper levels, therefore actively conducted PMP learning.

The following is that after I study PMP in the system, combined with the original actual work, some summary and sentiments sublimated, I hope to give some small help to the needs of the friends.

·Background of the project·

Background of the Project

I have encountered a project when I work in a IVD company, and I received leadership arrangements.Responsible for research and development of a fully automated chemical instrument. The instrument is mainly measuring liver function, renal, blood sugar, blood lipids. The instrument needs to operate 7 * 24 to meet the actual requirements.

During the research and development, the product engineering sample has been developed, but during the trial operation, it is found that it will stop in operation for 1 hour. This issue will naturally have a big impact on the product, and the company’s leaders are also very concerned.

So the organization of the Organization of R & D team initiated a meeting, including colleagues in various major colleagues such as machinery, hardware, software, and crafts. The result after discussion is:

The machine’s colleague said: "There is no problem with the structural parts I design";

Hardware colleagues said: "There is no problem in my board";

Software colleagues said: "We checked the code, no such problem";

The colleague of the process said: "There is no problem in the assembly process."

After discussing a circle,Discover all parties deniny their own problems. Since everyone has no problem, then the instrument "see ghost", you will not run. The entire project is turned in a pause.



In this case, I use past experience and introduce it.First question responsibility system. Since I am a software technology, I finally delivered to the customer must be a software that can be run, so the person in charge first confirmed is a software team.

The software team is the first responsible person. If the software team can prove that the problem is not a software problem, it is suspected to be hardware, mechanical or process, and then contact the hardware, machinery or process team, further problem positioning.

Although I introduced the first question responsibility system, I actually act as the ultimate leader, or with the software team to participate in all positioning activities. In this process, I use my software expert’s ability and gradually discover a lot of software, and Solved one by one.

Among them, there is a more interesting solution to the problem: the same problem may come from a number of different reasons, and be sure to find one solution.

For example, this operation is 1 hour, it is 2 ~ 3, and after 1, it is found that the problem of running 1 hour will still exist, or may run 2 hours. So don’t doubt, the previous problem may have been solved, and now there is a new reason, you can continue to solve it, don’t take yourself in, and clarify your own ideas.

Finally, after a hard software problem, it is found that the instrument still has 2 hours of downtime, and sometimes it will be down for 1 hour, and there may be a deadlock.

At this time, it is necessary to make reasonable conjecture, is it possible to be a hardware FPGA problem, I will need to use it.Communication skillsNS. I immediately found the engineers of hardware FPGA, of course, you are welcome, because the previous hardware has already firmed "hardware no problem", if only doubts, let them solve the problem, I am afraid, I can’t accept it, this is the test.Project managerThe time!

I found that the engineer of hardware FPGA was: "Brothers, can help support this issue, the software brothers have no idea", hardware FPGA engineers have heard that they are helpless, naturally willful. If you say: "Brothers, you may have problems" So the communication soft skill here is also very important.

When finding a hardware FPGA engineer to help position the problem,As a coordinator, guiding software and hardware colleagues work together towards a big solution direction.Note: The software and hardware colleagues usually focus on their own technology, very much attention to overall solutions. Therefore, under my guidance, look at the software code and process, while licking the FPGA code, ultimately, our hardware FPGA’s colleagues, found that there is a problem with an interrupted trigger time in his code, follow his own There is no problem with the design, but once and the software, there will be an error when running together!

Finally, after the hardware FPGA’s colleague modifies the code, this bug finally solved! As a leader of the project, I finally loose!

When I solve this problem, I didn’t learn PMP, but as the old will succeed in the Sand, I solved the problem with my feelings and experience. But why can I solve this problem?

After learning PMP, there was a matter, just as described above, that is, my solution, now summarizing it:

Meeting -> (First Question Responsibility System) Team Articles -> Expert Judgment -> Communication Equity -> Guidance Conference.

Through these 5 steps, I think you can also become a helping team to solve the challenge!

Intel Ai Baijia Innovation Plan 丨 Improvement Online: Let data flow safer

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more data, privacy, property, etc. are stored in the network, and credible identity security has become quite important. Simple password scheme is increasingly difficult to take responsibility for ensuring user identity. In the era of data security issues, how to ensure the security of the network and data transmission, become an urgent problem to be solved.

In the beginning of the assessment, the pain points of the data circulation safety problem were regarded. From the process of circulating the circulation of enterprise data, the original data did not leave local, and the number of secure and convenient data flow and ecology can be performed with multiple external agencies. cooperation. The impulse is committed to solving problems encountered in data security circulation and is a navigator of data circulation.

With leading privacy computing technology and innovative industry applications, the impulse online from hundreds of AI companies, successfully selected the "Intel Ai Baijia Innovation Incentive Plan" Fifth. This program is based on Intel’s comprehensive AI product portfolio and unique advantages of hardware and software synergies, joint industrial ecological partners, using 3 years, accelerating at least 100 China Excellent AI innovation enterprises.

Improvement Online is a technological innovation company focused on data intelligent interconnection solutions, which is committed to promoting data production factors in social interconnection, building trusted, safe, privacy, fairness, and efficient "data internet". At the moment of data security, the impulse online has successfully provided data privacy computing services to customers in government affairs, finance, operators, and Internet and other industries. At the same time, it also strives to achieve technical landing.

The operator industry, the impulse online is a trusted data exchange platform for an operator group, establishing a data circulation platform between the group’s branches, and has implemented practices in several provincial branches, realizing customer information inside the branch. Other systems or sharing and collaboration of marketing units. The "one thing to" "one thing" sharing mode originally revealed, optimized to the current data task approval system.

The financial industry, the impulse is online for a large commercial bank to build a privacy calculation combined modeling platform. Enter multiple external data sources by privacy calculations, integrate multi-party bills, tax, business, justice, etc., machine learning on the bank Wind control model training, which helps banks improve the accuracy of wind-control model through multi-dimensional data, while reducing the bank itself uses multi-data generated user privacy information protection compliance risks.

The government industry, the impulse online is a government affairs data operation platform to build a privacy computational government affairs data sharing platform, support the government – political sharing, government – enterprises and data open, establish a data circulation platform between government and government, government and enterprises. The platform has been practiced in several government committees and enterprises, achieving the sharing of customer information and government system between enterprises, and ensuring that the sensitive data of government affairs is neither in the premise of satisfying enterprise testing results and data use. Leaks can be shared.

In fact, the design of the data circulation scheme is not easy. It is necessary to consider privacy, security, credibility, and intelligent four aspects. Privacy calculations can solve this problem, ensure that data is "not visible" in the cooperation process, that is, all parties only The results of data calculations can be obtained without obtaining raw data, and this security feature can be argued by technical means.

Specifically, privacy computing includes a variety of different technical routes, where the mainstream is based on chip-based trusted enforcement environments, censilation-based security multi-party computing (MPC), and federated federation from artificial intelligence technology Machine study.

The trusted execution environment Tee (Trusted Execution Environment) is a secure area built by a hardwareware method on a computing platform to ensure that the code and data loaded in the secure area are protected in confidentiality and integrity. The trusted execution environment goal is to ensure that a task is executed in accordance with expected, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity of the initial state, and the confidentiality and integrity of the runtime status. At present, Intel SGX is the highest thermality and the most complete TEE scheme.

Safety multi-party calculation

Federal machine learning is the expansion of machine learning technology, which can complete a multi-party commonly involved model training in the case of all parties, and effectively help multiple agencies to solve models in meeting privacy data protection. The problem of insufficient training data. Federal machine learning technology can solve complex algorithm modeling problems, but there is a bottleneck in performance.

To construct a trusted data circulation scenario based on TEE and block chains, the impulse is proposed online, which includes data demand and data owners and both part of the role. If two parts of the character are combined, the system needs to be divided into two levels, namely the control level and execution level, and the league link provides data collaboration management services. The proposal of this program marks that the impulse online is a new step in the field of data circulation, which will force data circulation technology to land, and help the development of data privacy computing industry.

Specifically, traditional federal learning frameworks will encounter two technical problems when they actually land: First, federal learning is based on a large number of complex cryptographic algorithms to ensure the security of exact process data, compared to the plaintest machine learning framework Performance loss is above one to two orders of magnitude, which cannot meet the analysis accuracy requirements in a high model timeliness requirement. Second, the federal learning framework introduces the centralized parameter server, all parties need to summarize the calculation results of each round to the parameter server, the parameter server is the key to the trust of the whole system. The parameter server is attacked or runs certain unsafe protocols, which will result in the disclosure of sensitive data and the damage of the global model, and the trust root is urgently needed.

Intel SGX2 As the most mature TEE solution, Intel SGX2 not only provides a trusted measurement root, but also provides a high-performance secretly computing environment. Provide a pragmatic technical option for federal learning to solve the above problems.

The impulse online in this topic, realizes and tested the TEE-based federal learning framework. The overall architecture uses Intel Ice Lake / SGX2 as a resource base to deploy the impulse federal learning platform on the hardware node. The impulse online will optimize the operator based on Intel Ice Lake / SGX2 to the calculation of only 30% computational overhead. At the same time, Intel SGX nodes ensure security and privacy in data collaboration. SGX2 excellent performance performance and cross-node’s masonry calculation domain provide new ideas for federal learning security sections. Imposion Online Combined with TEE and Differential Privacy Model Protecting Process Data from Domains, the training performance increases the training performance to a quantity level compared to traditional codenic methods based on homogeneous encryption.

This issue has reached the expected design effect, and it has grown out the engineering method of complex distributed systems to TEE operation. Finally, the finalization of TEE’s federal learning performance will be a project research direction worth exploring. The subsequent impulse online will work to create a high-efficiency privacy computational solution in optimized privacy computational technical performance and Intel’s continuous cooperation.

Due to the rapid development of information technology, the continuous evolution of personalized services, the frequent cross-border, cross-system, and inter-biochemical interactions of personal information data, exacerbated privacy information intentionally or unintentionally in different information systems, The privacy information protection of privacy information, the problem of tracing of privacy violations is increasingly serious, and the existing privacy protection program has not provided systematic protection.

With the "Data Safety Law" in 2021, the data industry regulation changes, requiring data sharing under the premise of protecting data security and personal privacy, and data "can be invisible" has become an indispensable new infrastructure.

In the future, the impulse online will continue to build a professional data circulation solution, strictly protect personal and enterprise data privacy information. Under the power of Intel’s powerful confidential computing hardware, it will accelerate the problem of technical problems to help more use landing, promote the large-scale landing of data elements, and play the true value of data elements.

Jiujiang, Jiangxi: The newspaper of the newspaper, the test, "

On August 9th, the Ministry of Cascade Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the "China Artificial Intelligence Summit and Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition", hosted by the Ministry of Public Security, hosted by the Ministry of the People’s Government, UCLOUD, Mei Berco, etc. "Successfully held. At the meeting, the first China Artificial Intelligence · Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition is released. UCLOUD has been supported for competition, competition hardware and data protection, etc. .

The first China Artificial Intelligence · Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Competition") to create the most authoritative and internationally standards of artificial intelligence, the competition project covers multiple technical directions of artificial intelligence, close to the actual application scenario Strong comprehensive, a total of 362 teams signed up for 995 competitions. Unlike most competitions, all competition items in this competition are in the form of online competitions, divided into multiple batches.

Within 80 days in the schedule, UCloud is based on the "Safety House" "Safety House" based on independent research and development, and provides 120 P40 GPU cloud host and other network resources, in this TB Under the scenario of the collar competition, the competition platform can support 110 teams online games, not only to achieve the full range of competitions, but ensure that the data is not leaked, it provides exact consistency, isolating the independent competition environment for each participating team. Let the entrant have more free operating space, create a safe, fair and convenient and fast stadium environment for the competition, and also has a technical foundation for the sustainable operation of the game. In the end, there were 31 units of 35 teams received a Class A certificate and selected 16 AI innovative star projects including "lip language recognition system", including the Institute of Computational Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At the meeting, Ni Guangnan academicians said that the characteristics of the expert group said that the characteristics of this competition are the use of "public cloud + safety house + Docker container" technology, and public clouds guarantee the extensive team of participating teams, Docker meets the various units The flexible demand of the environment, the security house guarantees the safety of the competition data, and it has been highly affirmed to UCLOUD’s technical support in this competition.

With the upgrade of information technology, artificial intelligence is driving digital economy to continuous development. In this process, data circulation and security is critical, how to implement data ownership and use rights separation, ensure data security, is currently digital economy development solved problem. Ucloud is encompassed as a neutral cloud computing service provider, launched "safety house" products, not only in this artificial intelligence competition, but also fits data security requirements in the scene of government affairs data sharing, play a unique role .

In the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Security" sub-forum held in the Chinese Artificial Intelligence Summit, Chen Xiaojian, senior vice president of UCLOUD, with the "Exploration of Government Data Sharing, Open Integration Platform", detailing the UCLOUD Safety House Products in Government Data The specific application and advantage of opening a shared scene,

(Figure: Chen Xiaojian, senior UCLOUD)

Current construction of digital China, building a digital economy has become trend, and the construction of government data resources as a starting, leading the global, systemic data resource construction, must break the barrier between the government information system, connect information, the information, to achieve data Sharing and openness.

Ucloud is found that the current government’s public data openness is based on "active openness, applying for open and contractual open", with data set, API and data application product form, but the deep value of public data is not available. Effective excavation. Based on the characteristics of government data open mode, raw data and online models are best suited for China’s regulations and safety systems, and the value of the deep data can be opened under the premise of ensuring the safety of government public data. So how do I promote the circulation of data legal compliance while ensuring the security of the original data?

The UCloud Safety House is based on "Separation of data ownership and use rights, ensuring data circulation process safety and control". The data circulation platform allows the demand side to use data, not directly own data, to create a trusted third party platform, for all parties Implement the security application of data circulation. At the same time, the safety house has three major advantages of platformization, compliance, and online, has a wealth of data resources, perfect audit mechanisms, traceable data usage, and can fully meet the needs of government data circulation sharing. At present, Ucloud Safety House has been applied to many scenes. In Xiamen City’s recent first-line trial operation, the security house technology has provided relevant technical support for platform construction.

At the moment, the status of data resource construction is increasing, UCLOUD has also continued to pay attention to data security circulation sharing fields, providing more valuable solutions, fully excavating and releases data value, truly letting data flow. (Uniform)

WeChat trials the meaning of loosely

In the past month, the largest news of the Internet circle is Tencent and Ali to open each other: September 17, Tencent announced that users can access external links on WeChat one-on-one chat scene.

The shield between the Internet big company has begun in 2008 – from 2008, this is a trend that is blocked between the Internet giant.

These operations are not allowed to flow to other platforms, because traffic is money.

If the user can open the Taobao internal page from Baidu search results, this is a multi-channel promotion method for merchants.

Taobao official discourse is very interesting: prevent illegal businessmen from using bidding ranking, search optimization, etc. to deceive consumers trust, and encourage excellent sellers.

The user opens the Taobao link in WeChat, and will be guided to the download page of mobile Taobao Taobao download.

WeChat browser cannot distinguish between true Taobao pages and network phishing web pages, users naturally cannot distinguish.

The version of the Amoy cuisine in the WeChat application has not been updated for a few months, and the week is a week-oriented frequency than the US Mission, DAIMART and the update frequency of other software such as the martial arts.

The most important changes are: Users can access external links in a one-on-one chat scenario; group connection is still under development, and establish an external chain to complain the portal; if users can report illegal and illegal outer chains, the platform will follow corresponding Rule processing.

Under the slowdown of Internet traffic and user growth, data that achieves mutually transferred between platforms is conducive to competition regression products, services and service experience. For Ali E-commerce and shake, open links can use WeChat data more merchants will be based on WeChat to communicate and refine traffic operations to improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce traffic costs.

"The progress in the field of instant messaging is not optimistic. Taking WeChat as an example, Tencent is now only open for some competitors links in 1 private chat area (such as Taobao and shake), but does not open the application interface, causing these Taobao and Tophbum APP link cannot directly share the corresponding item to WeChat 1 to 1 private chat window. The unnowned application interface itself is an embodiment of violating anti-monopoly law abuse market dominance. "Shanghai Daxian Law Firm Senior Partner and Knowledge Property Rights Lawyers Tour Yun Ting tells the CBN reporter, in the field of group chat and friends circle, the link is not open.

Among them, Tencent lists the protection of users from spam, compliance review of massive information and protecting Tencent Ecology Priority to support the direction of SMEs.

Help TA

US judge ruling: Google must hand over documents related to the secret anti-craftsmanship

According to the GizModo website, report on December 1,A judge of the US National Labor Review Committee ordered Google, must hand over a series of documents related to a secret anti-craftsmanship in 2019. Since December 2020, this science and technology giant has been in legal disputes. At that time, the US Department of Labor accused Google’s illegal monitoring and retaliation of two workers who participated in the ILO. According to the 1935 National Labor Relations Law, such behavior was It is considered "protected activities". The US Ministry of Labor Review Committee has subsequently expanded to include the other three former employees, although Google has reached a reconciliation.

Image from: Google

These documents involve the strategy of cooperating with Google and IRI consultants. IRI Consulting Company is a "labor relationship" company, Google hires it to assist Google to reduce organizational activities within the company. Google has tried to hide these documents, claiming that these documents represent an officials assigned by the "Legal Confidential Communications" Tribunal, and found only 9 in 80 documents can be properly classified as privileged documents.

According to reports, these documents are not open to the public, but now they will now be handed over to the National Labor Review Committee, including "preparing for campaigns to employees, how employees carry out training materials against union movements in their management, Trade Union Information Transfer and Information Zoom Suggestions "and other materials.

Google has also reported that the company like IRI Consulting is known as a part of the company’s comprehensive file as part of its contract work, including a large amount of privacy, such as personality and emotional analysis. It is well known that companies like Amazon and Tesra have also adopted similar radical strategies.

New product start: Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 – traditional doorbell upgrade, outside the door situation

Author: two

Everyone who has visits in the daily house will press the doorbell. Recently, some people in the home will come to the doorbell. After opening the door (the security door without cats) found that the salesman, it is also unbelieving directly to close the door, very embarrassing, smart home, Smart doorbell products are available, using the smart doorbell to open the mobile phone side in the house, you can see the situation outside the door, so it is convenient to think about not open the door, convenient convenience. On the market, the smart doorbell is eight, today, I will introduce a newfund for a new product – Xiaomi smart doorbell 3. It can monitor the outside of the door in real time, you can talk to the people outside the door, let the takeaway put the take-out at the door, avoid direct contact, or monitor the door outside, someone takes away, the doorbell will automatically record and push to the phone.

This millet smart doorbell 3 packaging still continues the packaging style of Xiaomi ecological chain products, white simple fashion, frontal product appearance rendering diagram, product name and millet logo.

Introduce product feature function on the left and right side of the package: mobile detection, visual call, 2K resolution, 5200mAH lithium battery, compared the previous generation product, camera resolution is increased to 2K HD resolution, change to built-in lithium battery power supply, more Environmental friendly.

Detailed introduction to the model, specific parameters, and manufacturer of the packaging box. In particular, the product has been accessed into the Micjia App, which can realize the linkage of rice home intelligent products.

Open the package, you can see the accessories contain: millet smart doorbell 3, doorbell receiver, fixed base, pin, TYPE-C charging line and product instruction manual. The pin is used to disassemble the fixed base.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 full body simple black long square design, front housing uses high-light black material, the edge is designed with surface design, but also a grade. Positive from top to bottom: lens, microphone, infrared sensor, doorbell button and speaker. The doorbell on the doorbell button is an indicator.

On the back of the millet smart doorbell 3 design fixed base card slot, the top position has a micro switch, the power button, and the reset button, the long press the power button for 3 seconds, the switchgear doorbell. The micro switch is coordinated with a fixed base, which makes it up, and when the doorbell is disassembled, the alarm sound will be sent, and the video push mobile phone.

Fixed bases There are four screw holes to select the punch fixed installation, but the expansion screw needs to purchase themselves, and the back surface of the fixed base is 3M VHB double-sided adhesive, and the user can choose double-sided adhesive or punching according to the use environment. Two installation methods to meet the use scenarios of different users.

The small rice smart doorbell 3 has a disassembly hole with a fixed base. When the base is installed in place, use the pin to smash this hole, to remove the fixed base, prevent someone to secretly deduct the doorbell, more convenient than the previous generation .

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 design Type-C charge interface, no need to worry about the interface is reverse, worry about insertion, plug-and-play, simple and convenient, if you don’t want to disassemble, you can use the mobile power to charge.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 has a built-in 5200mAH lithium battery, full of electricity, can reach the six-year long battery, say goodbye to frequent disassembly charging, plugging in charging line, during charging, the indicator of the doorbell button, the white flashes, full charge White lights are often bright.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 needs to be used with a doorbell receiver, the doorbell receiver square design, the front side has a horn hole, the back is a plug, but the head of the doorbell receiver is a bit big, which will occupy 2 holes in the socket.

There is a button at the bottom of the doorbell receiver, short press the shift receiver volume, and you can match the doorbell for 3 seconds.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 is more convenient, do the choice of separation of the ground at 1.4-1.5m to tear the fixed base back 3m tape fixed base, then the doorbell is tapered down, if you need to fix it on the wall, need Users should use the expansion screw to fix the expansion screw, and if the individual feels that it is more convenient to stick to the door.

The use of Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 needs to be used with the rice family app. Remember to first bind the app, then install the smart doorbell, press the power button on the back of the smart doorbell, press the reset button for 3 seconds, open the Mijia app, Click on the "+" number in the upper right corner, select Sweep, scan the QR code on the back of the smart doorbell, and add the device according to the prompt.

Binding successfully, click to enter the millet smart doorbell 3 icon, first is the installation tutorial of the doorbell, enter the operator interface, you can view the event, you can view the real-time picture of the camera, all event lists, click on each event record, you can play back the event video . In the upper right corner setup option, you can set the doorbell, mobile detection, device linkage, storage management, face recognition, intelligent scene, etc.

In the doorbell setting, "Real-Time Screen" users can choose standard mode (when someone can view real-time screen) Real-time view mode (at any time, you can get a real-time picture) two working modes, the user selection according to the needs of the use, the latter is compared Fees, indoor receivers, can also set a ring sound, not to disturb mode, connecting a doorbell receiver, etc., and in the Device Information option, you can view the current doorbell has used the number of days, the start-up time, the number of boots, shooting video This statistics are at a glance.

The resolution can be selected in the real-time screen. This smart doorbell 3 upgrade 2K resolution picture quality, and the video picture is clearer. When someone moves, you can watch the real-time video, you can set up the small love touch screen speaker, and someone can press the doorbell outside the door, and automatically proceed to the touch screen speaker, with the visitors two-way intercom, this doorbell supports up to 2 small Love classmates touch screen screen view.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 supports three ringtone settings, which can set up volume to open a strong demolition, when detecting the doorbell is removed, the alarm sound will be sent to the mobile phone. Even if the doorbell is stolen, the doorbell and account binding, others can no longer bind the doorbell, which cannot be used, safe and reliable. It supports two-way calls, supports call voices (original sounds, clowns, uncle) clowns and uncle. Express or takeaway can also choose Auto-voice reply to place the door, reducing direct contact, this feature is very practical during the epidemic.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 support free 72-hour rolling cloud storage, the last 3 days Video video free to see, no need to install a memory card or buy cloud service, of course these videos can also be downloaded to local storage, you can also choose pay for 7 days or 30 days. Storage, face recognition management, high-grade Millet AI face recognition technology to quickly identify visitors identity, after marking your face, you can identify the visitor identity before the doorbell, this doorbell gives a month-old face recognition experience. Subsequent time, the default is the first month, the next month, the user should pay attention, no need for one month, you can turn off the face recognition.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 upgrade diagonal 180 ° super wide-angle lens, do not leave the bottom of the door, let the door do not stay safe and dead angle, do full mode monitoring, built-in 4 940nm infrared fill light, the light is dark, will automatically open infrared Night vision, the corridor can also be clearly visible. Moreover, the infrared fill light is invisible, and it does not cause the neighbors of the neighbors.


Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 simple dark profile, equipped with 2K ultra-clear resolution camera, 24-hour detection door, you can look at the outside of the door, doorbell and monitoring function is one, support voice call, smart voices, not exposed Gender and age, privacy, free 72-hour rolling cloud storage, free installation of memory card, built-in 5200mAH lithium battery, long battery life. Support Xiao love smart Unicom, you can see the situation outside the door through touch screen speakers, anti-violent disassembly and account binding, and stealing can not be used, the product is more secure.


1. Doorbell panels are not scratching, which is easy to scratch.

2. Video transfer local hard drives are not supported.

3. Face recognition is only free for one month, opening automatic renewal

What is worth buying app all net shop shopping prices

"Through the appointment" December 1-2 International Space Station 145.80MHz SSTV Image Transmission

Moscow Aerials SSTV event, December 1 (Wednesday) and December 2 (Thursday) International Space Station 145.80MHz SSTV Image Transmission

December 1, 2021 (Wednesday) will start using an amateur radio band from the ISS (International Space Station) to the Moscow area to send SSTV (slow scanning TV) images.

December 2 (Thursday) 20:00 to December 3 (Friday) 2:05

(Date and time may be changed according to the safety work schedule).

During this period, the International Space Station has two or three times through my country, but only some of the northern parts of my country may receive a good full SSTV signal. In other regions, the downlink signal may also be received based on the receiving facilities and location.

The experiment will be carried out as part of the "Moscow Aviation Academy" SSTV activity, commonly known as "MVI", the SSTV transmission frequency from the international space station is 145.80MHz (due to Doppler frequency shift to 5kHz), "RS0iss" "in FM mode Make a call number (there are some deviations).

Refer to the satellite through the satellite in Japan to view the path of 21 points from the relevant link below the article "Jamsat (Japanese Amateur Satellite Communications Association)", so it is a good reference to it.

During the period of operation, the international space station arrived at Jiuzhou, Okinawa and other places.

(Time from JST and Jamsat announced)

Note: Japan time is more than an hour than my country Beijing time

Although this depends on the position and antenna, "30 degrees or greater elevation" is a guidelines for receiving SSTV images.


★ December 1st, Wednesday

First see: 22: 15: 37 (310 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 22:26: 21 (153 degrees in azimuth)

Peak altitude: 39.8 degrees

★ Thursday, December 2

First see: 21: 28: 25 (318 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 21: 39: 19 (140 degrees in azimuth)

Peak elevation: 88.2 degrees

Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture

★ December 1st, Wednesday

First see: 22: 15: 08 (292 degrees in azimuth)

End Perspective: 22: 24: 30 (173 degrees in azimuth)

Peak altitude: 14.2 degrees

★ Thursday, December 2

First see: 21:27:37 (301 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 21: 37: 58 (159 degrees in azimuth)

Peak altitude: 25.6 degrees

Kagoshima City

★ December 1st, Wednesday

First see: 22: 15: 25 (296 degrees in azimuth)

View end: 22: 25: 08 (170 degrees in azimuth)

Peak elevation: 16.8 degrees

★ Thursday, December 2

First see: 21:27:57 (304 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 21: 38: 29 (156 degrees in azimuth)

Peak elevation: 31.1 degrees

Hiroshima City

★ December 1st, Wednesday

First see: 22: 15: 34 (287 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 22: 24: 18 (180 degrees in azimuth)

Peak altitude: 10.5 degrees

★ Thursday, December 2

First see: 21: 27: 59 (297 degrees in azimuth)

View end: 21:37: 54 (165 degrees in azimuth)

Peak elevation: 19.3 degrees

Kochi County Kochi City

★ December 1st, Wednesday

First see: 22: 15: 55 (287 degrees in azimuth)

End perspective: 22: 24: 32 (182 degrees in azimuth)

Peak elevation: 10.1 degrees

★ Thursday, December 2

First see: 21:28:20 (297 degrees in azimators)

View end: 21: 38: 11 (167 degrees in azimuth)

Peak altitude: 18.7 degrees

"Moscow Aviation Institute / National Research" is a Russian higher education institution, providing technical education and training in aviation, aerospace, rockets, and is established in 1930 in the period of the former Soviet Socialist Republic.

This time, as part of the SSTV activity carried out by the organization, an experiment will be performed using a 145.80MHz amateur radio frequency band from the International Space Station (ISS) to transmit the SSTV image mainly for the Moscow region.

The frequency used is 145.80 MHz (due to Doppler frequency shift, the deviation is approximately 5 kHz), and the SSTV signal (PD120) is placed in the FM mode and transmitted. The rails of the International Space Station are published on the Internet, as well as the convenient smartphone apps such as "International Space Station Detectors".

The SSTV signal transmitted from the International Space Station is sent from the JVC Kenwood Recent V / UHF band transceiver "TM-D710E" installed in the Russian International Space Station Service module.

Amateur radio "TM-D710E" is installed in the Russian International Space Station Service Module

How do you receive it, please see the related links below, "Let’s receive SSTV in the ISS / International Space Station with SDR # + RX-SSTV. (Plus RTL-SDR)". You can also view the latest schedule in the Related Link "ARISS-SSTV Image".

In addition, images received on the ground can be published online (image upload) and viewed in the "ARISS SSTV Gallery". Many stations have successfully received the SSTV image transmitted from the International Space Station in the past, and the received image has been uploaded to social media.


Xiao Shu is coming:

Have you ready for a few times a year, are you ready?

Easyc ++ 41, template explicitly

Hello everyone, I am Liang Tang.

This is the 41st article of the EASYC ++ series to talk about the template explicitly.

I want to pursue a better reading experience, I can visit the Github Warehouse: EasyleetCode.

The previous article said, although the template function is very easy, there are some problems. For example, an operation is not applicable to all types, which provides a solution for this case C ++, which is a template definition for specific types. The specific specificity of the specifically here can be understood.

Let’s take a look at the example in C ++ Primer, suppose now we have a structure called Job:

For structures, it can be assigned a whole, so the previous SWAP function is the same as it.

But we now hope that when switching structures, just exchange SALARY and FLOOR two fields, keeping Name unchanged. Since we want to introduce logical changes, it is not feasible to call the SWAP function directly.

Of course we don’t have to function template, direct overload function:

Since the C ++ is specified, the priority of the non-function template is greater than the function template, so we will use this when we call the SWAP function for the Job structure.

In addition, we can provide a specific template function:

The writing of this function seems to be special. We added Template <> before the function type, and followed the <Job> after the function name. It represents this is an explicit specificization of a function template, or it is understood that the previous function template provides a Job type version. The priority of the explicit template function is higher than the ordinary template function.

97% praise rate!Why do I don’t support 5G network P50 PRO why?

Recently, the latest report released by the Municipal InstitutionalPoint Research has shown that Apple surpasses Vivo in October 2021, which has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market. This is the first time since 6 years.The report also said that Apple has achieved the maximum benefit from the vacancy left by Huawei high-end market.

From the author’s own experience, many families around them, friends gave up this year to buy Huawei mobile phone, and transferred Apple iPhone 13.Asking the reason, most of the new Huawei, the latest listing of Huawei, has not supported 5G network.

So Huawei P50 PRO is not worth buying?

In fact, Huawei P50 Pro has been maintained at 97% in Jingdong Self-operated Channel, and only a few bad reviews are only the problem of user spit does not comment on charger and shipping.

How to measure a product, praise rate is a very important reference element, P50 Pro mobile phone does not support 5G, but still harvest countless praise, what is the reason? The following author talks to you.

Combined with the author’s personal experience and online user evaluation, the author summarizes two largest advantages of P50 Pro: calculate optical and Hongmeng systems.

Image advantage: calculate optical and primary color engine

After many generations of change and continuous imaging research and development, Huawei P series has long been hitting the "image flagship" label. This generation of P50 Pro still maintained Huawei mobile phone in mobile image, the top of the DXomark rankings first, Leading Apple iPhone 13 Pro and other Android phones.

However, this time the Huawei P50 Pro on the top DXO list is not relying on the most advanced hardware, but relies on the software.

Since the supply chain is limited, Huawei P50 Pro main photo sensor does not use the upper legendary Sony IMX800 oversized sensor, but is forced to use a smaller 1 / 1.5-inch sensor.

However, although the hardware is limited, the software does not limit, Huawei brings XD Optics calculation optical technology. The main role of this technology is to correct optical errors in the optical imaging phase, restore original image information, and then combine a new generation of XD Fusion Pro image engines, restore more image details.

Briefly, through this technology, hardware strength can be fully utilized, even breakthrough hardware restrictions, and use an algorithm correction to obtain exceeding the expected imaging.

For example, a 50% image information will be lost during the camera hardware of the general high-end flagship smartphone, and the post-image information technology can be reduced to about 60%. Huawei P50 Pro to carry out XD Optics calculated optical technology can restore 81% picture information.

From the actual experience, this technology brings at least two benefits: the first is stronger, more detailed, especially when the vision composition is preserved, because the overall photo texture is very good; The second is to avoid further weight of the mobile phone. After forced to give up hardware competition, P50 Pro got a thinner body and enhanced portability of smartphones.

According to the official information, Huawei p50 thickness is 7.92mm, with a weight of about 181g, and the thickness of P50PRO is 8.5 mm, and it is about 195g. In contrast the flagship mobile phone that came with the main image, this is really satisfied, the feel is very good.

Huawei P50 Pro also has another advantage in terms of imaging, that is, "what you see".

In the past, Huawei flagship model used RYYB sensors, plus software technology did not adapt in place for Ryyb, resulting in a significant bias when it took photos. This time the P50 series does not use the RYYB array sensor, returning to the traditional RGGB sensor, the bias problem is relieved.

Not only that, Huawei also launched the primary color engine based on the RGGB sensor, using the algorithm to correct the color, accurately, the original white balance, color, color temperature and other parameters, change the color of the mobile phone too strong and untrue.

Hongmeng HARMONYOS: Stable and smooth, playability

Huawei has now separated from the Android camp, self-supporting portal, developing Hongmeng system. From a product marketing point of view, Harmonyos is already an extremely important characteristic of Huawei mobile phone. The author found that many netizens have bought a P50 series mobile phone in order to experience Harmonyos.

From the perspective of the user experience, HARMONYOS is also sufficient to be called a large product advantage. The author has begun to experience the system from the Harmonyos 2.0 internal test stage. Hundreds of years have now been more than half a year. Compared to Android system, Harmonyos gives the author’s greatest feeling is stable and smooth, and there has never happened in BUG and Carton, animation effect. It is also very smooth enough.

Huawei P50 Series As the first mobile phone product pre-installed HARMONYOS, there is naturally "privilege", such as the new features of Harmonyos in advance. Previously, Huawei’s P50 Pro as the first model, you can experience the unique "Cross-Equipment Task Management" function of Hongmeng system. This feature allows the mobile app to go to other Hongmeng mobile phone / PCs, the delay is very low, and the experience is excellent, and it is strongly praised by the user.

In addition, with Harmonyos distributed capabilities, Huawei P50 Pro can also connect to other Huawei equipment quickly. Gently, you can connect, P50 Pro can call the power of PC, tablet, speaker and other equipment.

Huawei also created Hongmeng Zhilian ecology, which has more than 1800 hardware partners, 4,000 ecosystems. Through Huawei P50 Pro, you can also make it very simple to these equipment, and then control it with your mobile phone. Hongmeng’s ecological capabilities are gradually maturing, your Hongmeng mobile phone will also become the center and entrance of Hongmeng smart home in the future.

Conclusion: No 5G, still strong

In general, although Huawei P50 Pro does not have 5G support capabilities, with powerful image capabilities and smooth and stable Hongmeng systems, it is still an extremely outstanding product, so high praise rate has proven this. For users who do not have 5G demand, the author thinks that P50 Pro remains a flagship product worth buying.

"Recommended" to buy a sound, have you prepared everything? Some things that the rookie and Xiaobai have to understand (below)

The CD record is playing digital streaming media music, and the black glue / tape is despised with all digital music carriers, which is the contempt of the sound circle, and the circle often often because of the view Differential evolution into a lip gun. For the big burning of the "drizzle" budget, you can do one, you can buy a set of experiences, standing on a while, even if the speech is also a neutral attitude, and "Xiaobai" and "rookie" because of the qualifications Light and don’t dare, I can only look at the masters.

Now CD records, online digital music and black pasters are coexisting in the market, and no one is replaced, can only say who is the mainstream of today. Obviously, online digital music is the current mainstream, which is recognized. If you are interested, you can check the statistics of the IFPI (International Recording Industry Association). The proportion of entity music such as CD records, black rubber, tape, and the vast majority are audible enthusiasts in consumption. The record company will only be evaluated according to market demand, and it will be done under the premise of ensuring that there is a sales, money to earn, and there is a prerequisite for the factory is willing to order. As "small white" and "rookie", don’t be too tangled, there is an entity record feeling, buy a CD machine, or a black gum player, otherwise it is on the line streaming media music, or downloads the music document hard drive, buy a digital player, for the home Save the space of the record.

As for the black rubber record / tape such analog carrier, is it to use them equal to whether to hear the temptation? That is really not necessarily! If the recording method is a digital recording, then it is issued in the form of a black gum or tape, is this sound? " Also, if the playback system involves the processing flow of A / D, D / A conversion, the sound is "simming the taste" or "digital taste"? Or is it like a black glue / tape because the sound characteristic of the carrier itself? These problems, I think everyone should want to think about it.

Of course, the above despise chains are just one of them. In fact, there are also a variety of contempons in the circle of enthusiasts. For example, using electronic management power plazatics, use the Class Class Class Class D. Date D class Date Dlass D … This topic is going to start again, so you will not say it.

The sound of professional audio equipment is white boiling water, small tract, three-stage balanced?

There is always a group of enthusiasts in the sound circle like to take professional audio equipment to listen to music. The most common is professional amplifier, listening speaker, its first reaction is the sound of professional audio equipment, no tract, or even cost performance Higher saying, or mentioning a brand of a brand, the radio is being used. Those "rookie" did hear these adjectives, I was born in an instant. Is it better to buy these professional audio equipment? Small, real, restore the original appearance of the sound, feel the true meaning of music, the price is also cost-effective, I can’t wait to buy it right away! In fact, in our view, this has a certain degree of cognitive misunderstanding. Professional amplifiers are first in design to "easy to use". The so-called "easy to use" is convenient for transportation, installation, wiring, but also requires stability, not easy and bad, and the range covered by the professional field is also wide, stage, recording room, conference, background music system, theater, cinema, etc. Category, equipment will also be targeted for different applications. As for the sound quality, there is a significant difference between the brand and the brand.

Speaking of the listening speaker, in recent years, it is also a more popular product in the circle of enthusiasts. Of course, the listening sound of everyone is widely used in the recording shed, the radio is used to make audio programs. So the problem is coming again! Throughout history, Yamaha (Yamaha) NS-10 Studio is one of the most widely used monitor speakers, that is, representing the music from the second-hand market to NS-10 Studio to listen to music, you can feel music. The true meaning, feel the shock of music? If it is true, why didn’t you see Yamaha (Yamaha) NS-10 Studio is widely used in the fever circle? Not only, nor is it a frequent curve of all listening speakers that tend to be straightforward. If there is such a listening speaker, its frequency response is starting from the low frequency (such as 100 Hz) to the high frequency direction (to 20kHz) ) Rendering a slow drop process, the overall presence is tilt, such a state is not to belong to "three balance"?

Of course, the author is not to express the meaning of buying professional audio equipment to listen to music. After all, there is also a good product in professional audio equipment, but why Xiaobai or rookie do not blindly admire professional audio equipment. Of course, the final choice is still in the hands. Really to play professional audio equipment, you have to continue to learn in depth. When you figure out, then you are no longer a "rookie".

Don’t fall invert, walk into the magic

Inside the enthusiast I know, there are two people who have always made me paterse. The three major hardware of the player, amplifier and speakers added to 5 ~ 60,000 yuan, not to buy, but they are very reluctant to spend money to buy signal lines and speaker cable, only a signal line spent 20,000, Overall is almost equivalent to the three major hardware, even higher. In my opinion, this is a phenomenon of being inverted, walking into the magic, this kind of enthusiasts have been playing, how many equipment have been exposed, and its essence is also a "rookie".

I remember that one of the enthusiasts gathered, I met one of the above-mentioned enthusiasts. He also filed me with himself. I gave him this time: I don’t deny that the wire will affect the facts on the sound system, but your CD machine is around 8,000 yuan, but it is equipped with a wire of 20,000 yuan. If it is used 20,000 pieces of CD machine with a 3-kilocated wire, the total investment is not big, but I absolutely believe that the latter will be much better. After all, the difference between the 30,000 wire in the sound quality is not huge, but the difference between the sound quality between 20,000 and 8 thousand dollars is very large, and the CD machine belongs to the source, but also in the sound system. A very important device, it is definitely prioritized compared to the line.

What is the steps of the purchase? First get three major hardware, then consider the wire accessories

Say that there is another topic here, what is the step of purchasing a sound system? Which one, which one? In fact, most of the old enthusiasts will have a good grasp of the order. The overall thinking is: first get three major hardware, and then consider the wire attachment.

First, speaker. The speaker can be the final sound of the sound system, and its importance is the first, can’t be sloppy.

The speaker is not good, the front end is not much white, so you have to choose a high quality speaker inside the budget.

Second, players and amplifiers. The player belongs to the source of the sound system, and the quality of the sound is also an absolute shadow.

ring. The power amplifier follows, the status between the two is not blocked. Simply put, the power amplifier needs enough power and keeps low distortion to drive your speakers.

Third, wires and other accessories. The three major hardware are all equipped, and the wires (including: signal lines, speaker lines, power cords, etc.) and other accessories, after all, these equipment are far from speakers, amplifiers, and players. Three hardware.

Fourth, there are conditions, it is best to have an excellent independent audio-visual room. It has a separate audio-visual room to have a dream of enthusiasts. After all, there are independent rooms to reduce the impact on your family (your favorite music, your family can don’t necessarily like it), and the room on sound effects is very large, so there are conditions The old enthusiasts not only need an independent audio-visual room, but also specially invite people to do acoustic design. Of course, to say that these seems to be a bit far from today’s topic, it has exceeded the "small white" and "rookie" accepted.

Perhaps some people will say this after reading this topic: play audio, understanding the sound is that the radish green dishes have love, don’t need this online, don’t put your subjective awareness to others, I like it. Ok. This is actually there is no problem. After all, it’s just like the article, the money is in your hands, and the final choice is still self-contained, and it can accept it.

But if you change a problem, today’s audio equipment is indeed inconvenient, especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, with the price of raw materials and parts, the price increase information of the audio equipment is followed. The primary essential condition for buying sound is money, and the majority of consumers are not everyone is rich, and they often need to think twice before spending money, and do more ready to work, and always spend out. It is because of such a starting point, I simply organized this topic article, the content is mainly by telling some personal experiences and truth, plus some small suggestions. I don’t dare to say that these recommendations can be accepted by each consumer, and it is not possible.

Whether it is "small white" or "rookie", I like audio, interested in the audio, also collected a variety of information, often there is a strong consumption desire, but because of the lack of experience, the high hands are low, easy to "step on "I just want to pass these personal experiences, truth and recommendations to give" small white "" rookie "a certain guiding role.