Nervous, exciting, wonderful, around Gaofang 8Gen 1 millet is too deep

The topics in the industry in recent time are around Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1, especially those who can have the global debate. On December 1, accompanied the official release of the new generation Qualcomm Snapdron 8 Series Mobile platform, all suspense was announced.

Integrated into main melody

About Qualcomm 8Gen 1 The parameters of 8Gen 1 have not been speaking, after all, ordinary people don’t understand. And now there is no commercial machine, the real performance is not known. Everyone only needs to know that this generation is far from the CPU or GPU, and it is not the Snapdragon 888 series in power consumption and fever.

Xiaomi 12 Global first no suspense

There is a detail, and the Lei Jun is the guests of the first speech. At the end of the speech, the last public announced that Xiaomi 12 will start the world Qualcomm 8Gen 1 series. Of course, everyone also saw that Lenovo was also grabbed this first, and a trick came out. But everyone wants to understand that Xiaomi dares to be in the Snapdragon Technology Summit, which is the world’s first, this is the true start of Qualcomm. In fact, it is true that there is no real meaning, and it can be purchased. From now on, Xiaomi 12 has completed the production capacity climbing stage, and the first batch of deposited deposits can be described in terror.

A new generation of troubled dragon masters: millet 12

In 2021, the Gao Tonglong 888 series of reputation is really not good, it is caused by the problem of the process. Because of this existence, everyone is worried about the power consumption of Qualcomm 8Gen 1, how to heat the heat control, etc. In the face of this high-pass response is that the previous generation does not matter.

But everyone should understand the official response and brand optimization is two questions, and Xiaomi has a satisfactory achievement in the camera, optimized, and heat dissipation in recent years. Therefore, when the Lei Jun announced, the netizen said that Xiaomi 12 is definitely a new generation of troubled dragon, as for this model, there is currently no accurate information. However, it is certain that Xiaomi 12 should be the only one that can be bought before the Spring Festival, and it is very busy to build a smartphone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1 platform.