Nervous, exciting, wonderful, around Gaofang 8Gen 1 millet is too deep

The topics in the industry in recent time are around Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1, especially those who can have the global debate. On December 1, accompanied the official release of the new generation Qualcomm Snapdron 8 Series Mobile platform, all suspense was announced.

Integrated into main melody

About Qualcomm 8Gen 1 The parameters of 8Gen 1 have not been speaking, after all, ordinary people don’t understand. And now there is no commercial machine, the real performance is not known. Everyone only needs to know that this generation is far from the CPU or GPU, and it is not the Snapdragon 888 series in power consumption and fever.

Xiaomi 12 Global first no suspense

There is a detail, and the Lei Jun is the guests of the first speech. At the end of the speech, the last public announced that Xiaomi 12 will start the world Qualcomm 8Gen 1 series. Of course, everyone also saw that Lenovo was also grabbed this first, and a trick came out. But everyone wants to understand that Xiaomi dares to be in the Snapdragon Technology Summit, which is the world’s first, this is the true start of Qualcomm. In fact, it is true that there is no real meaning, and it can be purchased. From now on, Xiaomi 12 has completed the production capacity climbing stage, and the first batch of deposited deposits can be described in terror.

A new generation of troubled dragon masters: millet 12

In 2021, the Gao Tonglong 888 series of reputation is really not good, it is caused by the problem of the process. Because of this existence, everyone is worried about the power consumption of Qualcomm 8Gen 1, how to heat the heat control, etc. In the face of this high-pass response is that the previous generation does not matter.

But everyone should understand the official response and brand optimization is two questions, and Xiaomi has a satisfactory achievement in the camera, optimized, and heat dissipation in recent years. Therefore, when the Lei Jun announced, the netizen said that Xiaomi 12 is definitely a new generation of troubled dragon, as for this model, there is currently no accurate information. However, it is certain that Xiaomi 12 should be the only one that can be bought before the Spring Festival, and it is very busy to build a smartphone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 1 platform.

New product start: Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 – traditional doorbell upgrade, outside the door situation

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Everyone who has visits in the daily house will press the doorbell. Recently, some people in the home will come to the doorbell. After opening the door (the security door without cats) found that the salesman, it is also unbelieving directly to close the door, very embarrassing, smart home, Smart doorbell products are available, using the smart doorbell to open the mobile phone side in the house, you can see the situation outside the door, so it is convenient to think about not open the door, convenient convenience. On the market, the smart doorbell is eight, today, I will introduce a newfund for a new product – Xiaomi smart doorbell 3. It can monitor the outside of the door in real time, you can talk to the people outside the door, let the takeaway put the take-out at the door, avoid direct contact, or monitor the door outside, someone takes away, the doorbell will automatically record and push to the phone.

This millet smart doorbell 3 packaging still continues the packaging style of Xiaomi ecological chain products, white simple fashion, frontal product appearance rendering diagram, product name and millet logo.

Introduce product feature function on the left and right side of the package: mobile detection, visual call, 2K resolution, 5200mAH lithium battery, compared the previous generation product, camera resolution is increased to 2K HD resolution, change to built-in lithium battery power supply, more Environmental friendly.

Detailed introduction to the model, specific parameters, and manufacturer of the packaging box. In particular, the product has been accessed into the Micjia App, which can realize the linkage of rice home intelligent products.

Open the package, you can see the accessories contain: millet smart doorbell 3, doorbell receiver, fixed base, pin, TYPE-C charging line and product instruction manual. The pin is used to disassemble the fixed base.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 full body simple black long square design, front housing uses high-light black material, the edge is designed with surface design, but also a grade. Positive from top to bottom: lens, microphone, infrared sensor, doorbell button and speaker. The doorbell on the doorbell button is an indicator.

On the back of the millet smart doorbell 3 design fixed base card slot, the top position has a micro switch, the power button, and the reset button, the long press the power button for 3 seconds, the switchgear doorbell. The micro switch is coordinated with a fixed base, which makes it up, and when the doorbell is disassembled, the alarm sound will be sent, and the video push mobile phone.

Fixed bases There are four screw holes to select the punch fixed installation, but the expansion screw needs to purchase themselves, and the back surface of the fixed base is 3M VHB double-sided adhesive, and the user can choose double-sided adhesive or punching according to the use environment. Two installation methods to meet the use scenarios of different users.

The small rice smart doorbell 3 has a disassembly hole with a fixed base. When the base is installed in place, use the pin to smash this hole, to remove the fixed base, prevent someone to secretly deduct the doorbell, more convenient than the previous generation .

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 design Type-C charge interface, no need to worry about the interface is reverse, worry about insertion, plug-and-play, simple and convenient, if you don’t want to disassemble, you can use the mobile power to charge.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 has a built-in 5200mAH lithium battery, full of electricity, can reach the six-year long battery, say goodbye to frequent disassembly charging, plugging in charging line, during charging, the indicator of the doorbell button, the white flashes, full charge White lights are often bright.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 needs to be used with a doorbell receiver, the doorbell receiver square design, the front side has a horn hole, the back is a plug, but the head of the doorbell receiver is a bit big, which will occupy 2 holes in the socket.

There is a button at the bottom of the doorbell receiver, short press the shift receiver volume, and you can match the doorbell for 3 seconds.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 is more convenient, do the choice of separation of the ground at 1.4-1.5m to tear the fixed base back 3m tape fixed base, then the doorbell is tapered down, if you need to fix it on the wall, need Users should use the expansion screw to fix the expansion screw, and if the individual feels that it is more convenient to stick to the door.

The use of Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 needs to be used with the rice family app. Remember to first bind the app, then install the smart doorbell, press the power button on the back of the smart doorbell, press the reset button for 3 seconds, open the Mijia app, Click on the "+" number in the upper right corner, select Sweep, scan the QR code on the back of the smart doorbell, and add the device according to the prompt.

Binding successfully, click to enter the millet smart doorbell 3 icon, first is the installation tutorial of the doorbell, enter the operator interface, you can view the event, you can view the real-time picture of the camera, all event lists, click on each event record, you can play back the event video . In the upper right corner setup option, you can set the doorbell, mobile detection, device linkage, storage management, face recognition, intelligent scene, etc.

In the doorbell setting, "Real-Time Screen" users can choose standard mode (when someone can view real-time screen) Real-time view mode (at any time, you can get a real-time picture) two working modes, the user selection according to the needs of the use, the latter is compared Fees, indoor receivers, can also set a ring sound, not to disturb mode, connecting a doorbell receiver, etc., and in the Device Information option, you can view the current doorbell has used the number of days, the start-up time, the number of boots, shooting video This statistics are at a glance.

The resolution can be selected in the real-time screen. This smart doorbell 3 upgrade 2K resolution picture quality, and the video picture is clearer. When someone moves, you can watch the real-time video, you can set up the small love touch screen speaker, and someone can press the doorbell outside the door, and automatically proceed to the touch screen speaker, with the visitors two-way intercom, this doorbell supports up to 2 small Love classmates touch screen screen view.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 supports three ringtone settings, which can set up volume to open a strong demolition, when detecting the doorbell is removed, the alarm sound will be sent to the mobile phone. Even if the doorbell is stolen, the doorbell and account binding, others can no longer bind the doorbell, which cannot be used, safe and reliable. It supports two-way calls, supports call voices (original sounds, clowns, uncle) clowns and uncle. Express or takeaway can also choose Auto-voice reply to place the door, reducing direct contact, this feature is very practical during the epidemic.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 support free 72-hour rolling cloud storage, the last 3 days Video video free to see, no need to install a memory card or buy cloud service, of course these videos can also be downloaded to local storage, you can also choose pay for 7 days or 30 days. Storage, face recognition management, high-grade Millet AI face recognition technology to quickly identify visitors identity, after marking your face, you can identify the visitor identity before the doorbell, this doorbell gives a month-old face recognition experience. Subsequent time, the default is the first month, the next month, the user should pay attention, no need for one month, you can turn off the face recognition.

Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 upgrade diagonal 180 ° super wide-angle lens, do not leave the bottom of the door, let the door do not stay safe and dead angle, do full mode monitoring, built-in 4 940nm infrared fill light, the light is dark, will automatically open infrared Night vision, the corridor can also be clearly visible. Moreover, the infrared fill light is invisible, and it does not cause the neighbors of the neighbors.


Xiaomi smart doorbell 3 simple dark profile, equipped with 2K ultra-clear resolution camera, 24-hour detection door, you can look at the outside of the door, doorbell and monitoring function is one, support voice call, smart voices, not exposed Gender and age, privacy, free 72-hour rolling cloud storage, free installation of memory card, built-in 5200mAH lithium battery, long battery life. Support Xiao love smart Unicom, you can see the situation outside the door through touch screen speakers, anti-violent disassembly and account binding, and stealing can not be used, the product is more secure.


1. Doorbell panels are not scratching, which is easy to scratch.

2. Video transfer local hard drives are not supported.

3. Face recognition is only free for one month, opening automatic renewal

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