A friend circle makes photos into the software!

How to quickly produce a lot of photos from a friend circle for 15 seconds? useLove hatThe operation is very simple!

Open the software and pop up"New"Dialog, in"videosize"In the drop-down list, select the required resolution. then click"Add video"Button, in the pop-up file selection box, select the shady or white-curtain video of the software, as a carrier of the photo.

"Superimposed materials"Tab, switch to the left"Post-picture"Column. First, in the preview box, position the time schedule to add a photo, thenDouble clickThe video preview box, in the "Select Map" dialog box that pops up, select the photos you need to add, or click"Add a map to the list"Import more local photos.

After adding photos, set photosLast timewithSpecial effects, Adjust the size of the photo by editing the box, then disappears at the photo, add the next photo.

PS: If you want the photo after the special effects, stay for a longer, just select the photo, pass"Ctrl + C"Copy it, then disappear at special effects, pass"Ctrl + V"Paste photos, modify the photo effect is the default no effect, and set the photo to stay.

The choice of music is consistent with the photo style in style, and the video will feel more.

Switch to"Audio"Panel, click"Add Audio"Button, chooseAdd Background MusicIn the pop-up selection box, select the audio file, click "Open", enter"Preview/InterceptDialog, intercept the required audio clip.

If you want the photo to switch on the music drum position, then after adding audio, use"Ctrl + E"Open"Innovative Timeline"Panel, in the time axis panel"Please choose the added audio"In the drop-down box, select the waveform diagram of opening music. By observing the drum of music in the audio waveform map, the audio step is performed, and the continuous time of the photo is adjusted.

pass through"Subtitle Special Effect"Function, add text content for photo video.

First, in the video preview box, position the time schedule to the subtitle, thenDouble clickThe preview box enters text content in the pop-up dialog box. After adding the following, select the favorite font, and the appearance of the subtitle, the appearance of the subtitles, the appearance of the subtitles, and make the subtitles appear to be beautiful and full of personality.