97% praise rate!Why do I don’t support 5G network P50 PRO why?

Recently, the latest report released by the Municipal InstitutionalPoint Research has shown that Apple surpasses Vivo in October 2021, which has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market. This is the first time since 6 years.The report also said that Apple has achieved the maximum benefit from the vacancy left by Huawei high-end market.

From the author’s own experience, many families around them, friends gave up this year to buy Huawei mobile phone, and transferred Apple iPhone 13.Asking the reason, most of the new Huawei, the latest listing of Huawei, has not supported 5G network.

So Huawei P50 PRO is not worth buying?

In fact, Huawei P50 Pro has been maintained at 97% in Jingdong Self-operated Channel, and only a few bad reviews are only the problem of user spit does not comment on charger and shipping.

How to measure a product, praise rate is a very important reference element, P50 Pro mobile phone does not support 5G, but still harvest countless praise, what is the reason? The following author talks to you.

Combined with the author’s personal experience and online user evaluation, the author summarizes two largest advantages of P50 Pro: calculate optical and Hongmeng systems.

Image advantage: calculate optical and primary color engine

After many generations of change and continuous imaging research and development, Huawei P series has long been hitting the "image flagship" label. This generation of P50 Pro still maintained Huawei mobile phone in mobile image, the top of the DXomark rankings first, Leading Apple iPhone 13 Pro and other Android phones.

However, this time the Huawei P50 Pro on the top DXO list is not relying on the most advanced hardware, but relies on the software.

Since the supply chain is limited, Huawei P50 Pro main photo sensor does not use the upper legendary Sony IMX800 oversized sensor, but is forced to use a smaller 1 / 1.5-inch sensor.

However, although the hardware is limited, the software does not limit, Huawei brings XD Optics calculation optical technology. The main role of this technology is to correct optical errors in the optical imaging phase, restore original image information, and then combine a new generation of XD Fusion Pro image engines, restore more image details.

Briefly, through this technology, hardware strength can be fully utilized, even breakthrough hardware restrictions, and use an algorithm correction to obtain exceeding the expected imaging.

For example, a 50% image information will be lost during the camera hardware of the general high-end flagship smartphone, and the post-image information technology can be reduced to about 60%. Huawei P50 Pro to carry out XD Optics calculated optical technology can restore 81% picture information.

From the actual experience, this technology brings at least two benefits: the first is stronger, more detailed, especially when the vision composition is preserved, because the overall photo texture is very good; The second is to avoid further weight of the mobile phone. After forced to give up hardware competition, P50 Pro got a thinner body and enhanced portability of smartphones.

According to the official information, Huawei p50 thickness is 7.92mm, with a weight of about 181g, and the thickness of P50PRO is 8.5 mm, and it is about 195g. In contrast the flagship mobile phone that came with the main image, this is really satisfied, the feel is very good.

Huawei P50 Pro also has another advantage in terms of imaging, that is, "what you see".

In the past, Huawei flagship model used RYYB sensors, plus software technology did not adapt in place for Ryyb, resulting in a significant bias when it took photos. This time the P50 series does not use the RYYB array sensor, returning to the traditional RGGB sensor, the bias problem is relieved.

Not only that, Huawei also launched the primary color engine based on the RGGB sensor, using the algorithm to correct the color, accurately, the original white balance, color, color temperature and other parameters, change the color of the mobile phone too strong and untrue.

Hongmeng HARMONYOS: Stable and smooth, playability

Huawei has now separated from the Android camp, self-supporting portal, developing Hongmeng system. From a product marketing point of view, Harmonyos is already an extremely important characteristic of Huawei mobile phone. The author found that many netizens have bought a P50 series mobile phone in order to experience Harmonyos.

From the perspective of the user experience, HARMONYOS is also sufficient to be called a large product advantage. The author has begun to experience the system from the Harmonyos 2.0 internal test stage. Hundreds of years have now been more than half a year. Compared to Android system, Harmonyos gives the author’s greatest feeling is stable and smooth, and there has never happened in BUG and Carton, animation effect. It is also very smooth enough.

Huawei P50 Series As the first mobile phone product pre-installed HARMONYOS, there is naturally "privilege", such as the new features of Harmonyos in advance. Previously, Huawei’s P50 Pro as the first model, you can experience the unique "Cross-Equipment Task Management" function of Hongmeng system. This feature allows the mobile app to go to other Hongmeng mobile phone / PCs, the delay is very low, and the experience is excellent, and it is strongly praised by the user.

In addition, with Harmonyos distributed capabilities, Huawei P50 Pro can also connect to other Huawei equipment quickly. Gently, you can connect, P50 Pro can call the power of PC, tablet, speaker and other equipment.

Huawei also created Hongmeng Zhilian ecology, which has more than 1800 hardware partners, 4,000 ecosystems. Through Huawei P50 Pro, you can also make it very simple to these equipment, and then control it with your mobile phone. Hongmeng’s ecological capabilities are gradually maturing, your Hongmeng mobile phone will also become the center and entrance of Hongmeng smart home in the future.

Conclusion: No 5G, still strong

In general, although Huawei P50 Pro does not have 5G support capabilities, with powerful image capabilities and smooth and stable Hongmeng systems, it is still an extremely outstanding product, so high praise rate has proven this. For users who do not have 5G demand, the author thinks that P50 Pro remains a flagship product worth buying.