US judge ruling: Google must hand over documents related to the secret anti-craftsmanship

According to the GizModo website, report on December 1,A judge of the US National Labor Review Committee ordered Google, must hand over a series of documents related to a secret anti-craftsmanship in 2019. Since December 2020, this science and technology giant has been in legal disputes. At that time, the US Department of Labor accused Google’s illegal monitoring and retaliation of two workers who participated in the ILO. According to the 1935 National Labor Relations Law, such behavior was It is considered "protected activities". The US Ministry of Labor Review Committee has subsequently expanded to include the other three former employees, although Google has reached a reconciliation.

Image from: Google

These documents involve the strategy of cooperating with Google and IRI consultants. IRI Consulting Company is a "labor relationship" company, Google hires it to assist Google to reduce organizational activities within the company. Google has tried to hide these documents, claiming that these documents represent an officials assigned by the "Legal Confidential Communications" Tribunal, and found only 9 in 80 documents can be properly classified as privileged documents.

According to reports, these documents are not open to the public, but now they will now be handed over to the National Labor Review Committee, including "preparing for campaigns to employees, how employees carry out training materials against union movements in their management, Trade Union Information Transfer and Information Zoom Suggestions "and other materials.

Google has also reported that the company like IRI Consulting is known as a part of the company’s comprehensive file as part of its contract work, including a large amount of privacy, such as personality and emotional analysis. It is well known that companies like Amazon and Tesra have also adopted similar radical strategies.