Many people are changing Apple original batteries, then which manufacturers are produced by the original battery?

Some people say that Huawei mobile phone has no technical content, because Huawei mobile phone parts are purchased, so Huawei mobile phone is an assembled mobile phone. If this logic is followed, Apple phones are also assembled because the parts of Apple phones are also purchased.

If you look at Huawei and Apple this, then this is a bit shallow. As we all know, Apple and Huawei have their own mobile phone chips, but these two mobile phone manufacturers have no production capacity, as long as designing the ability of chips. Even so, no one will think that the A series of chips, the unicorn chip is not apple, Huawei.

Through the class ratio of the chip, we can draw a conclusion, that is: Apple’s original battery is Apple, not a vendor’s proposal. In other words, Apple’s battery and chip are the same, Apple is responsible for designing, battery manufacturers are responsible for substitute, and produced batteries are collectively referred to as ‘Apple Battery’. So what kind of battery manufacturers gave Apple’s workshop?

The A series of chips are unified by Apple, because of the capacity, Apple will find Taiwan Power, Samsung Operation. The A-series chips produced by these two companies can be used normally, and unified standards.

Like A Series chips, Apple has also developed Apple batteries, unified implementation of GB / T 18287-2000 standard. Therefore, the battery produced by Apple’s foundry is not essential, and it can be considered an Apple battery.

I have to say that Apple has mastered the core technology, through the battery design, putting the commercial use of the battery in hand. The battery is not difficult, and many people can be found worldwide. Because of this, Apple’s battery has become a business order that many battery manufacturers strive to be afraid, and this is the bottom gas of Apple’s heavy mobile phone market.

Apple mobile phone shipments have a vision, and 2 in 2021 will not be a problem. Even in 5 years ago, Apple’s ship’s shipments have exceeded 100 million sets. As the average unit price, the company’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, Apple’s partial profits are also the most expensive. Because of this, there are many battery manufacturers who are willing to produce batteries for Apple. Early, Sony, Samsung, Le Jinhua, Dongguan New Energy is Apple Mobile Optional Battery.

First, Sony is the masterpiece of the manufacturing industry, and the Sony mobile phone is also the existence of Sony mobile phone in the mobile phone market. However, Sony has strong strength in parts processing, cameras, sensors, and precision machining, so Sony is also a generous thing to give Apple mobile phone.

Second, the strength of Samsung Electronics does not have to be said, the only company in the world can produce mobile phones independently. From chips, motherboards, screens, sensors, cameras, batteries, etc., Samsung Electronics can be produced. Therefore, Samsung gives the Apple mobile phone, which is an extremely easy thing.

Third, in 2003, LG invested in China in my country. This company is engaged in the production and development and production of batteries, and the production of cutting-edge electronic materials. LG has far-reaching influence in the world, and Lejin chemistry can produce batteries to Apple mobile phones. This is also a more easy thing.

Fourth, Dongguan New Energy is a company dedicated to battery cells, packages, and system integration. In the field of battery, Dongguan’s new energy has great influence.

It is not difficult to see that these four companies are leaders in the battery. In particular, Lejin Chemistry and New Energy in Dongguan. These two companies are professional research and development, manufacturers who produce batteries. The so-called: Sheriff has a success, the operation is specialized, and it is justified in these two companies.

With the increase in the shipments of Apple mobile phones, Apple’s battery generations have become more and more, such as Shunda, New World, Germany, and Xinwangda and other manufacturers have successively become Apple mobile phone.

However, these manufacturers and Samsung, Sony, and Lejin chemistry have essential differences, because these three companies can produce battery cells independently, while Shunda, Germany, Xinwangda, etc. can only purchase battery, packaged, package Can produce an Apple mobile phone battery.

Through a series of competition, the batteries produced by Germany and Xinwangda are more in line with the needs of Apple. Since then, Apple mobile phone batteries are mainly produced by these two companies.

First, Desai Battery was established in 1983. After more than 30 years of development, Desai batteries have become a battery that sets a lithium battery, zinc air battery, lithium polymer battery, fuel cell, and other kinds of batteries, battery materials. supplier. It is not exaggerated, and the battery that can be seen on the market can be produced and can be completed independently.

Second, Xinwangda was established in 1997 and is a leading lithium-ion battery module solution and product provider. Although Xinwang’s business has no extensive business, Xinwangda focuses on a horse in a lithium-ion battery, is a strong battery supplier in China, and a global battery.

Whether it is Lejin Chemistry, Dongguan New Energy, or Germany, Xinwang, facing Apple, they can’t be alone. Why is this so? Because Apple is not afraid of them, these battery manufacturers rely on Apple’s orders.

It can be seen that only master core competitiveness and core productivity can be able to overport. What is the core competitiveness? Such as Taiwan Power, Samsung’s chip solution strength, only these two mobile phone chips can be produced worldwide. What is the core productivity? A large-scale enterprise such as Apple can design the battery module to give this design to any battery manufacturer can workene.

So TSMC, Samsung is a company that masters core competitiveness. Strong Apple does not dare to despise them. Work hard, domestic electronics manufacturers, the road you have to go is still far away.

WeChat trials the meaning of loosely

In the past month, the largest news of the Internet circle is Tencent and Ali to open each other: September 17, Tencent announced that users can access external links on WeChat one-on-one chat scene.

The shield between the Internet big company has begun in 2008 – from 2008, this is a trend that is blocked between the Internet giant.

These operations are not allowed to flow to other platforms, because traffic is money.

If the user can open the Taobao internal page from Baidu search results, this is a multi-channel promotion method for merchants.

Taobao official discourse is very interesting: prevent illegal businessmen from using bidding ranking, search optimization, etc. to deceive consumers trust, and encourage excellent sellers.

The user opens the Taobao link in WeChat, and will be guided to the download page of mobile Taobao Taobao download.

WeChat browser cannot distinguish between true Taobao pages and network phishing web pages, users naturally cannot distinguish.

The version of the Amoy cuisine in the WeChat application has not been updated for a few months, and the week is a week-oriented frequency than the US Mission, DAIMART and the update frequency of other software such as the martial arts.

The most important changes are: Users can access external links in a one-on-one chat scenario; group connection is still under development, and establish an external chain to complain the portal; if users can report illegal and illegal outer chains, the platform will follow corresponding Rule processing.

Under the slowdown of Internet traffic and user growth, data that achieves mutually transferred between platforms is conducive to competition regression products, services and service experience. For Ali E-commerce and shake, open links can use WeChat data more merchants will be based on WeChat to communicate and refine traffic operations to improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce traffic costs.

"The progress in the field of instant messaging is not optimistic. Taking WeChat as an example, Tencent is now only open for some competitors links in 1 private chat area (such as Taobao and shake), but does not open the application interface, causing these Taobao and Tophbum APP link cannot directly share the corresponding item to WeChat 1 to 1 private chat window. The unnowned application interface itself is an embodiment of violating anti-monopoly law abuse market dominance. "Shanghai Daxian Law Firm Senior Partner and Knowledge Property Rights Lawyers Tour Yun Ting tells the CBN reporter, in the field of group chat and friends circle, the link is not open.

Among them, Tencent lists the protection of users from spam, compliance review of massive information and protecting Tencent Ecology Priority to support the direction of SMEs.

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