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On August 9th, the Ministry of Cascade Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the "China Artificial Intelligence Summit and Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition", hosted by the Ministry of Public Security, hosted by the Ministry of the People’s Government, UCLOUD, Mei Berco, etc. "Successfully held. At the meeting, the first China Artificial Intelligence · Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition is released. UCLOUD has been supported for competition, competition hardware and data protection, etc. .

The first China Artificial Intelligence · Multimedia Information Identification Technology Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Competition") to create the most authoritative and internationally standards of artificial intelligence, the competition project covers multiple technical directions of artificial intelligence, close to the actual application scenario Strong comprehensive, a total of 362 teams signed up for 995 competitions. Unlike most competitions, all competition items in this competition are in the form of online competitions, divided into multiple batches.

Within 80 days in the schedule, UCloud is based on the "Safety House" "Safety House" based on independent research and development, and provides 120 P40 GPU cloud host and other network resources, in this TB Under the scenario of the collar competition, the competition platform can support 110 teams online games, not only to achieve the full range of competitions, but ensure that the data is not leaked, it provides exact consistency, isolating the independent competition environment for each participating team. Let the entrant have more free operating space, create a safe, fair and convenient and fast stadium environment for the competition, and also has a technical foundation for the sustainable operation of the game. In the end, there were 31 units of 35 teams received a Class A certificate and selected 16 AI innovative star projects including "lip language recognition system", including the Institute of Computational Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At the meeting, Ni Guangnan academicians said that the characteristics of the expert group said that the characteristics of this competition are the use of "public cloud + safety house + Docker container" technology, and public clouds guarantee the extensive team of participating teams, Docker meets the various units The flexible demand of the environment, the security house guarantees the safety of the competition data, and it has been highly affirmed to UCLOUD’s technical support in this competition.

With the upgrade of information technology, artificial intelligence is driving digital economy to continuous development. In this process, data circulation and security is critical, how to implement data ownership and use rights separation, ensure data security, is currently digital economy development solved problem. Ucloud is encompassed as a neutral cloud computing service provider, launched "safety house" products, not only in this artificial intelligence competition, but also fits data security requirements in the scene of government affairs data sharing, play a unique role .

In the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Security" sub-forum held in the Chinese Artificial Intelligence Summit, Chen Xiaojian, senior vice president of UCLOUD, with the "Exploration of Government Data Sharing, Open Integration Platform", detailing the UCLOUD Safety House Products in Government Data The specific application and advantage of opening a shared scene,

(Figure: Chen Xiaojian, senior UCLOUD)

Current construction of digital China, building a digital economy has become trend, and the construction of government data resources as a starting, leading the global, systemic data resource construction, must break the barrier between the government information system, connect information, the information, to achieve data Sharing and openness.

Ucloud is found that the current government’s public data openness is based on "active openness, applying for open and contractual open", with data set, API and data application product form, but the deep value of public data is not available. Effective excavation. Based on the characteristics of government data open mode, raw data and online models are best suited for China’s regulations and safety systems, and the value of the deep data can be opened under the premise of ensuring the safety of government public data. So how do I promote the circulation of data legal compliance while ensuring the security of the original data?

The UCloud Safety House is based on "Separation of data ownership and use rights, ensuring data circulation process safety and control". The data circulation platform allows the demand side to use data, not directly own data, to create a trusted third party platform, for all parties Implement the security application of data circulation. At the same time, the safety house has three major advantages of platformization, compliance, and online, has a wealth of data resources, perfect audit mechanisms, traceable data usage, and can fully meet the needs of government data circulation sharing. At present, Ucloud Safety House has been applied to many scenes. In Xiamen City’s recent first-line trial operation, the security house technology has provided relevant technical support for platform construction.

At the moment, the status of data resource construction is increasing, UCLOUD has also continued to pay attention to data security circulation sharing fields, providing more valuable solutions, fully excavating and releases data value, truly letting data flow. (Uniform)