How did your iPhone data take away? "100 yuan small equipment" can back up all information in one second

Is your iPhone data taken away? "100 yuan small equipment" can backup all photos, videos

In fact, although Apple official has its own ICLOUD cloud backup service (more than 5GB to pay additional payment), you can also let users back up iPhone data in the computer, but there are many users who are easy to use, budget demand, or temporarily do not want to replace The mobile phone is used to back up the iPhone information using a USB USB disk with a lightning plug.

The relevant products related to the work are in 128GB, priced is between 300 yuan to 500 yuan, compared to iPhone 13, upgrade 128GB upgrade 256GB to increase the price of 3,500 yuan, there is a certain price advantage.

As for the use, this type of product is also simple design, just plug in iPhone, you don’t need any operations, you will back up the files in the entire "photo" app (usually the least space data), and then transfer the computer to save additional storage. . If there is a further management requirement, for example, if you want to store the captured movie in a U disk, or rename another file file, the manufacturer also provides exclusive management App, which can be downloaded from Apple App Store.

However, in order to avoid security risks, this type of U disk is designed to be equipped with their own app and open permissions, so malicious people may need to enter the user’s Apple ID password or use the Face ID, Touch ID, and hold the mobile phone Time can it be successfully obtained. The relevant mechanism also leads to similar privacy leaks, mostly the surroundings of acquaintances or trust.

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